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Warzone Hit Detection Is Totally Broken After New Update

The new update for Warzone has totally broken the game’s hit detection.

Fans always look forward to updates in Warzone. This is because it is how Raven introduces new content to the game, makes balancing changes, or fixes glitches.

The latest update was no different, as Raven claims to have finally fixed the stim glitch. Find out all of the changes in the new 1.31 patch for Warzone.

However, players are now reporting many new glitches and problems in Warzone. There are now many problems affecting hit detection, aim assist and hitmarkers.

Warzone Battle Royale

Warzone Hit Detection Glitched?

Angry Warzone players have taken to Reddit to complain about the new update.

Ever since the new update launched, players on all platforms have been experiencing loads of issues to do with hit detection.

The biggest problem reported on the Reddit post is “phantom bullets”. The so-called “phantom bullets” are shots that should hit an enemy but don’t.

This is a potentially game-breaking issue as shots randomly not hitting a target when they should, leads to many unfair gunfights. Raven should definitely look into this as soon as it can.

Hit detection is also the biggest issue affecting Black Ops Cold War at the moment.

No Hitmarkers in Warzone

The hit detection issues in Warzone have also extended to hitmarkers. Players have reported many issues to do with hitmarkers too.

Some players have noted that they are not getting any hitmarkers when shooting at an enemy. However, they then see the armor cracked and armor broke signs.

This shows that they are hitting enemies, but that something is stopping the hitmarkers from appearing.

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Aim Assist Problems

In addition to hit detection, players are also reporting that the aim assist in Warzone isn’t working as intended. Aim assist is a feature on consoles that helps players lock onto their target.

One player on Reddit complained that the aim assist triggering seemed to be “random” after the update. However, some players have apparently experienced this issue for a number for months now so it may not be a new problem.

Pollock04 Reddit

Meanwhile, Activision is in the process of fixing the cheating problem in Warzone. Over 60,000 players were banned in one day as part of Activision’s new anti-cheat plan.

However, some innocent Warzone players have also been wrongly banned as part of this wave.

Hit detection isn’t a problem in Warzone if you’re in a truck though. The Armored Royale game mode has made a triumphant return.

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