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Warzone Hints Reveal ‘Battle of Verdansk’ Vanguard Reveal Event Details

New in-game hints have revealed more details about the upcoming ‘Battle of Verdansk’ Warzone event where Call of Duty Vanguard will be revealed.

Gamers all over the world are waiting for Activision to reveal more about the next Call of Duty title and we now know it will be happening in Warzone very soon.

However, the actual Battle of Verdansk event itself has mostly remained a mystery, apart from a couple of small details. Now, some new hints in-game have revealed part of the event.

But first, find out how to watch the Call of Duty Vanguard reveal event in Warzone.

Warzone Train Loot Boxes

Warzone Battle of Verdansk Event Details

Warzone players have been calling Season 5 the worst update ever, but this could all be changing soon. The heavily leaked Call of Duty Vanguard will finally be officially revealed in Warzone tomorrow.

Activision released some information about the Battle for Verdansk event. Players will have to defeat a target and heading to an exfil in order to earn some limited-time rewards.

However, what the target is remains a mystery for now. Although, an eagle-eyed Warzone fan could have found out what players will be taking down in the Battle of Verdansk.

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Warzone Train

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Warzone player and Twitter user @PKobbz found a mysterious new blueprint on the wall in the corridor outside of Bunker 3 in Verdansk. This could be what players have to take down in the Battle of Verdansk.

YouTuber Geeky Pastimes has investigated this further and found more of these blueprints in Military Base, Prison, and Boneyard. He believes that this hints at a weaponized train carriage with a turret on it.

Additionally, Call of Duty content creators have also received packages hinting towards the event. This includes the same blueprints found in-game that hint at an “offensive wagon” and “armored train”.

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Are you excited for the Battle of Verdansk in Warzone? It should be an exciting way to reveal Call of Duty Vanguard!

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