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Warzone Player Gets Hilarious Revenge on Toxic Opponent

This hilarious clip shows a downed Warzone player get revenge on an extremely toxic enemy.

Toxicity is a major problem in online games and Warzone is no different.

There very few things more satisfying than seeing a player get revenge on a toxic opponent. This Warzone clip will hopefully get some toxic players to reconsider their trolling next time.

Warzone Stadium

Don’t be Toxic in Warzone

A new clip posted to Reddit fully shows the dangers of being toxic. If you’re not careful it can totally backfire and end up in a trip to the Gulag.

This isn’t the only instance of toxic players facing some Warzone karma recently. The luckiest Warzone player ever won after a runaway truck killed a toxic player who was crouch-spamming him.

This toxic player used a very clever C4 trick to kill someone who took his helicopter. This exploded the chopper and downed the unfortunate player who tried to steal it.

He then stood in front of the downed player and spammed the crouch button to taunt him before he finished him off. However, the tables turned on the toxic Warzone player very quickly.

Before the crouch spammer had eliminated him, the downed player revived himself and got his revenge. Jumping to his feet with an M16 loaded with stopping power rounds, the player downed the toxic Warzone opponent before he could react.

The M16 is a total powerhouse in Warzone for accurate players. Find out the best M16 loadout for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Watch the whole video below and maybe you’ll think twice before being toxic in Warzone again.

dreamtank Reddit

Even worse than a toxic Warzone player is a cheater. However, these two easy methods can stop you from being put in a lobby with hackers.

Even content creators have gotten involved in the cheating debate. Find out what Dr Disrespect said about the Warzone “hacking crisis”.

However, Activision has yet again promised to fix the cheating in Warzone. Let’s hope it is sooner rather than later as the cheating and toxic players are stopping many players from playing Warzone.

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