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Warzone’s New Season 4 Hijacked Gulag Has A Huge Problem

There’s a huge problem with the Hijacked Gulag in Warzone Season 4, and players are beginning to get very annoyed by it.

The Gulag is one of the most recognizable parts of Warzone, and is also one of the most fun. Nothing beats the high stakes 1v1 fight to respawn back into Verdansk.

However, the new Hijacked-themed Gulag for Season 4 has a major problem.

Luckily, it is a very fair Gulag, unlike the more asymmetrical ones in the past. Although, the deafening footsteps players can hear when fighting make it almost unplayable.

Warzone's New Season 4 Hijacked Gulag Has A Huge Problem

Warzone Gulag Footstep Audio Is Way Too Loud

Usually, problems with footstep audio in Warzone are to do with not being able to hear them. In fact, players have been asking for an update to fix audio balancing in Warzone for ages.

However, the footsteps in the Gulag are the complete opposite. They are way too loud. This is a major problem as players can’t hear where their opponent is over the deafening footsteps of people who are watching their fight.

This has prompted players to complain about the Gulag footsteps issue on the Warzone subreddit and ask for a fix for the issue.

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Warzone Hijacked Gulag Season 4

“I understand the gulag isn’t meant to be a fair fight but the footstep audio of the spectators should NOT be louder than the footstep audio of your opponents.”

TheOliveStones Reddit

This should be a relatively simple thing to fix for Raven Software, so let’s hope that the developer addresses this Gulag issue in the next Warzone patch.

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In other news, new details about the upcoming WW2-themed Warzone map have been leaked. This will be the biggest map yet!

Finally, let’s hope that players don’t have to wait until Warzone Season 5, and a new Gulag for this issue to be fixed. Find out the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5 start date.

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