Here is everything you need to know about the Warzone Heroes Vs. Villains Community Event taking place during Warzone Season 5.

It’s the final season of Warzone, and with it comes a brand new community event for players to get involved with and obtain some great rewards.

But to do so, you’ll need to understand what it means to be a hero or a villain in Warzone Season 5.

Heroes vs Villains Warzone Season 5

What is the Heroes vs Villains Community Event?

The Heroes vs. Villains Community Event is a new Warzone Season 5 seasonal event where players must pick a side and obtain faction tokens to earn points and claim victory.

Only one side will be able to claim victory during this event. This means that during the Heroes vs Villains Community Event, you will need to pick a side and represent that side for the entirety of the event.

Once you’ve decided on a side, you’ll need to play different game modes and obtain Hero or Villain tokens to earn points. Players can also contribute to their chosen faction via the Buy Stations.

There are also quite a few new items that players can use, including a new Rage Serum that gives players an incredible melee advantage.

Where to Obtain Hero & Villain Faction Tokens

Players will be able to obtain Hero or Villain Faction tokens from:

  • Eliminating enemy players in any of the game modes.
  • Finding them in Supply Boxes scattered around the maps in any mode.
  • Defusing or Detonating the bomb in the new LTM, Operation: Last Call.
    • Defuse for Hero Tokens
    • Detonate for Villain Tokens

Obtaining tokens will help players earn exclusive event rewards as well. To help get faction tokens more efficiently, try out this Armaguerra 43 loadout to quickly decimate your enemies.

All Obtainable Rewards in Heroes vs Villains Community Event

These are all the rewards that players will be able to earn during the Heroes vs Villains Community Event:

  • ‘Hero/Villain Insignia’ Emblem
  • ‘Chop Chop!!’ Gesture
  • ‘Heroes/Villains Mark’ Charm
  • ‘Time Duality’ Watch
  • ‘One vs. One’ Calling Card
  • ‘Conflict Spike’ Melee Weapon Blueprint

Reward for Heroes vs Villains Winning Faction

The winning faction for the Heroes vs Villains Community Event will be awarded Battle Pass Tier Skips at the end of the event.

But the biggest reward that players will be able to obtain is the Heroes/Villains Weapon Blueprint.

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How to Obtain Heroes vs Villains Weapon Blueprint

Whichever side wins the Heroes vs Villains Community Event will also unlock their respective blueprint for all participating players.

This means that if you choose a Villain role, but the Heroes win, then you’ll be awarded the Heroes Weapon Blueprint.

Only one of these blueprints will be available to players once the seasonal event ends.

Warzone Season 5 Heroes

Where to Find Faction Bundle

Players can purchase a Faction Bundle from any Buy Station in Warzone Season 5.

Any player that finds a Faction Token will receive a discount towards the Faction Bundle during the same game.

This will allow players to obtain their loadouts more quickly. Check out our guides to find the most up-to-date meta loadouts in Warzone Season 5.

When Does the Heroes vs Villains Community Event Date End?

The Heroes vs Villains Community Event will come to an end on September 14th.

This means that players will have three weeks to obtain rewards and do their best to help their faction win the unique Weapon Blueprint.