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Warzone Helicopter Miniguns Are Back And Making Players Invisible Again

Warzone’s helicopter miniguns are back, but the bug making players invisible isn’t any better.

In December 2020, Activision finally released a brand-new map for Warzone that had players flooding back to the game. Rebirth Island was our first taste of Warzone’s poor Cold War integration, but it was also our first new location to drop into.

However, everyone’s time was ruined shortly after heading into the new map. After all, there was a glitch with Warzone’s new helicopter miniguns that made players both invisible and invincible. The helicopters were removed shortly thereafter, but the Warzone invisible players bug still plagued the battle royale.

warzone minigun helicopter
(Source: Activision)

Warzone’s invisibility glitch even reappeared in February, but it’s now more common than ever – thanks to the latest update.

Now, Raven Software has brought back the infamous helicopter miniguns, and it seems the developer hasn’t fixed the issue whatsoever.

Warzone Helicopter Miniguns Invisibility Glitch Is Back

Warzone’s helicopter miniguns may be back, but they’re certainly not fixed, as an invisibility glitch plagues the battle royale once again.

It seems that in the time that they were away, the minigun choppers didn’t get any less broken. Now, users are experiencing the return of the invisible player glitch as the vehicles make an unexpected comeback.

And it’s not just invisibility that’s bothering users, as the hidden players are also completely bullet-proof. And because of that, they’re basically giving themselves a free victory by making use of the glitch.

warzone minigun helicopter
(Source: Activision)

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Despite what reports would have us believe, invisible players aren’t completely impossible to defeat. Here’s how to kill an invisible Warzone player if you come across one in-game.

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We’re not going to share how to perform the new Warzone helicopter minigun invisibility glitch for yourself, but it’s clearly affecting a fair share of users. This post on the CODWarzone subreddit is just one way that some fans are venting their frustrations about the increasingly common issue.

It’s no wonder that Warzone players are calling Season 2 Reloaded the worst patch in the game’s history. And that’s coming after they were already calling Warzone Season 2 an unplayable mess.

There’s also a new extremely broken killstreak giving Warzone players free wins in-game at the moment. And players want it to go before the new map finally rears its head.

And, speaking of the new map, a trailer for Warzone’s 1980s Verdansk map is leaking online and Activision isn’t happy about it.

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