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Weird Warzone Glitch Makes Helicopters Explode Instantly

A glitch has been identified in Call of Duty: Warzone that forces helicopters to instantly explode.

A new patch has been introduced to Call of Duty: Warzone which not only nerfed the DMR 14, but also intends to iron out some bugs. It looks like they haven't nailed all of them down though, as one Reddit user has identified a bizarre bug that forces helicopters to explode for seemingly no reason.

It's a bad look for Raven Software for such a bug to be found after a big patch. The game has had a lot of trouble with glitches recently, especially with the game-breaking infinite Stim glitch.

There have also been problems with players being able to shoot after going down.

Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk helicopter glitch
Warzone's Verdansk map - a bird's eye view

Warzone Jan 13 Patch

The long time problem of the overpowered Warzone DMR 14 has been solved. The weapon, introduced through the recent Black Ops: Cold War update, has had its headshot damaged reduced and has had its recoil increased- but for many, it's simply not enough to curb the overpowered gun.

More changes have been made in the weapons department, too. The damage has been reduced for the Type 63, and the burst pistol can now be wielded akimbo.

Call of Duty Warzone DMR 14 helicopter glitch
The DMR 14

The infinite Stim bug has finally been remedied in Warzone, meaning players can no longer provide themselves with infinite tactical buffs. This has been a problem for players as of late, and thankfully this will make firefights a little fairer.

But there's one big glitch they've managed to miss...

The Exploding Helicopter Glitch

Reddit user ChassyCIV has found a progress-shattering glitch while playing Warzone post-patch. In his post to the CODWarzone subreddit, he shows a video of himself landing a helicopter on a small alcove along the coast of Verdansk.

Upon landing the helicopter, and mere frames after he exits the vehicle, it explodes, instantly killing the player and sending him straight to the Gulag.

Many commenters have shared their experiences with the glitch, agreeing that it's a big problem. One user even stated that he landed in the same spot, and it only exploded as his teammate went to enter it.

call of duty warzone helicopter glitch
Warzone's Helicopter

It's a huge annoyance to lose your progress to such a glitch, but it doesn't end there. One commenter suggests that there's an invisible barrier near the prison that has forced more explosions. He says;

"If you get the heli from the middle of the map by prison and fly over the outer wall that surrounds the courtyard, where the buy station is, there's an invisible barrier about 20 ft above the wall and the helicopter blows up instantly."

Warzone is rife with problems right now despite the new patch. Warzone has been speculated to be entirely pay-to-win, with blueprints increasing weapon damage.

There's also an issue that lets Warzone players land quicker without their parachutes.

Fingers crossed this is all resolved soon as there's a lot of Warzone Season 2 content to get excited for.

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