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Warzone Halloween Jumpscares Are Still In-Game After the Event’s End

Despite Warzone’s Haunting of Verdansk having come to an end, it seems the Halloween event has left behind its jumpscares.

Halloween has come and gone, and Call of Duty: Warzone should be back to its normal self. However, it appears that all is not as it should be in Verdansk.

According to multiple users, jumpscares never left Warzone, leading to some frightening results. Those players that believed themselves safe from the antics of the Halloween event are very mistaken.

Right now, it appears that opening supply bins still leads to a chance at getting a jumpscare. The scare tends to consist of a loud scream and flashing image on a player’s screen.

Warzone Halloween jumpscare

Once you know what to expect, opening supply bins isn’t so scary. However, when you forget about the possibility of an incoming jumpscare, it’s that much more likely to catch you by surprise.

Warzone’s Halloween Jumpscares Are Still Here

Now that Warzone’s Halloween update has been and gone, players aren’t anticipating any further scares. And that makes these jumpscares more impactful than the rest.

Fans are taking to Twitter to see if anyone else is experiencing this strange issue. For what it’s worth, it does appear that Warzone’s Halloween jumpscares may have a smaller chance of occurring now.

Whether leaving the Warzone jumpscares in-game was intentional or not, it appears that Infinity Ward is yet to comment on the discovery. And now it appears that the scares are affecting gameplay.

In a new post on the Warzone subreddit, one player details their experience with a jumpscare. The player was enjoying the battle royale’s return to the daytime when they opened a supply box at the wrong moment.

Just as an enemy enters through the door behind them, Reddit user RedZebra99 gets the jumpscare of their life. Not only does it blind and deafen the player, but the enemy gets an easy kill at an opportune moment.

This isn’t the only case of a Warzone player getting scared to death by a Halloween jumpscare. However, it is probably the first example of it happening after the Halloween update came to an end.

Players spent two weeks being terrified over Warzone’s jumpscares, and now they may be here to stay. Some users even refused to play during the Halloween event due to a dislike of the frights.

Now, these same players must suffer potential jumpscares anyway. Those faint of heart should probably avoid Warzone for the time being.

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