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Warzone Hackers Now Have Insane Flying Dirt Bike Cheat

Yes, you read that right – Warzone hackers can now actually make dirt bikes fly around the map with a ridiculous new cheat.

To put it simply, Warzone hacks keep getting more and more ridiculous. It started off with standard aimbots and wallhacks, but quickly got worse.

Hackers moved on to a ‘God Mode’ invincibility cheat and even started using a new teleporting speed hack. However, the latest Warzone cheat is so ridiculous you won’t even believe it until you see it.

But first, find out how Warzone players cheat on PlayStation and Xbox.

Warzone Dirt Bike

Warzone Hackers Have a Flying Motorbike Cheat

Warzone Season 5 has been ruined by hackers and cheaters so far, despite actions attempting to stop it. Raven Software recently dropped the biggest Warzone ban wave yet, but hacking continues to get worse.

Now, a new post on the Warzone subreddit has highlighted the most ridiculous Warzone cheat ever – a flying dirt bike.

The clip shows a Warzone hacker using a new motorbike cheat which lets them fly up into the air on it. That would be ridiculous enough on its own, but what happens next is even more insane.

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The motorbike hovers high in the sky for a second before seemingly locking don’t an opponent. It then flies straight towards the player and runs them over!

This is the only recorded instance of this game-breaking hack so we can all hope that more players won’t be doing this soon. The last thing Warzone needs right now is a load of hackers flying around on dirt bikes!

Luckily, the brand new Pacific Warzone map with improved anti-cheat is coming soon.

In better news, Warzone is getting an update this week. Check out the Warzone Season 5 Reloaded early patch notes.

Also, why are there more ridiculous hacks and flying dirt bikes in Verdansk despite record ban waves? Here’s why Warzone ban waves don’t stop hackers.

Finally, Call of Duty expert JGOD has predicted the Warzone Pacific map release date. Let’s hope it’s this soon!

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