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Warzone Hackers Have Ghostface & Donnie Darko Operator Skins Already

Hackers are already using the Ghostface and Donnie Darko skins from the upcoming Warzone event ‘The Haunting’, over a week before release.

Warzone players always look forward to new skins releasing in the store. However, players usually know about them beforehand and have to wait patiently for them to release.

Although, hackers aren’t your average player. It seems like hackers have now found a way to get two of the upcoming Halloween operators in Warzone well before their release date.

If you don’t believe this, then check out the gameplay below!

But first, find out the release date for ‘The Haunting’ in Cold War and Warzone. This will be when players will finally be able to buy these long-rumored skins.

Warzone & Cold War 'The Haunting' Event

Hackers Are Using Ghostface & Donnie Darko Skins in Warzone

First, a glitch revealed the Ghostface operator in Cold War, and then data miners found the Donnie Darko ‘Frank the Rabbit’ skin too. However, players thought that they wouldn’t be able to play as them for a couple more weeks.

Despite them not being in the COD Store yet, hackers are already playing as these operators in-game. This follows the news that hackers are able to make custom operator skins in Warzone.

First, the upcoming Ghostface operator was spotted in a pre-game lobby in Warzone by a Reddit user. Seeing Ghostface parachute down right in front of you would be a shock at the best of times, but this was even more of a surprise as this operator isn’t even out yet.

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Then, in addition to Ghostface, the Donnie Darko ‘Frank the Rabbit’ skin was also found in Warzone. This time, a player was using this upcoming skin in an actual game!

How the players unlocked these skins is unknown, but it is pretty clear they are hackers. The only way of accessing these unreleased skins is by using cheat software.

At least it gives players a glimpse of what the skins will look like when they come out!

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What’s more, in addition to Ghostface and Donnie Darko skins, Warzone Season 6 has brought back a classic Black Ops character. Find out how to unlock Alex Mason in Warzone and Cold War.

In other spooky news, a leak has revealed more details about ‘The Haunting’. The event could introduce the Warzone ‘Ghosts of Verdansk’ game mode where you play as ghosts!

Finally, ‘The Haunting’ isn’t the only event Warzone players are looking forward to. A leaker has shared details about the upcoming Pacific map reveal event in Warzone.

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