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Warzone Hackers Get Hardware Bans – “Anti Cheat is Here”

A huge new step in removing Warzone hackers for good is here – finally, cheaters are getting hardware bans!

Hackers have been a major problem in Warzone ever since the game came out in March of last year. However, instead of Raven Software dealing with them, the number of cheaters has grown exponentially.

Many players had given up hope that Raven Software would remove hackers from Warzone. Even top content creators like NICKMERCS called Warzone anti-cheat “not even possible”.

However, new hardware bans for Warzone hackers are a huge step in the right direction for removing cheaters from the game entirely.

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Do Warzone Cheaters Get Hardware Bans?

While developer Raven Software has banned well over 500,000 Warzone hackers now, there was previously no measure to stop these players from creating new accounts. However, it looks like Raven is now starting to enact hardware bans on Warzone hackers.

A hardware ban is where your PC itself can no longer play a certain game. Therefore, Warzone hackers who have been hardware banned can no longer just create a new account to hack on.

Previously, banned players would just make a new account and use cheat software to unlock all of the camos, attachments, and blueprints in Warzone instantly.

Although, a Warzone hacker on TikTok claims to have been completely hardware banned, claiming that “anti-cheat is here”. He can’t play Warzone on any of his accounts, even ones that he hasn’t used before.

This is great news as it is the perfect first step in removing Warzone hackers for good. What’s more, Warzone’s new WW2 map will come with improved anti-cheat too.

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Meanwhile, hackers aren’t the only problem in Warzone Season 5. The new Combat Scout Perk is totally OP.

Also, Warzone players totally hate the “awful” ground loot weapons in Season 5. You don’t want to be picking a gun up off the floor anymore.

Finally, hacking will be a major problem for all upcoming games too. There are already Battlefield 2042 cheats including wallhacks and aimbots available to download.

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Monday 23rd of August 2021

What happens if the banned console is then listed on the likes of eBay and picked up by a second hand buyer?

Friday 3rd of September 2021

@Joe, claiming fraud is a reach. Would be ideal if Activision would publish the details such as MAC address, processor, motherboard and CPU ID's, etc. Then buyers could verify those devices against the list.


Tuesday 24th of August 2021

@John, I'm gonna guess that, the seller would be in some legal trouble for not disclosing the facts. - aka - FRAUD