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Warzone Hackers Can Make Custom Operator Skins With New Cheat

Warzone hackers have now found out a new way to use custom operator skins in game!

Hackers are a major problem with any multiplayer game, but Warzone has been hit very badly by players using cheats. Wallhacks and aimbots are pretty common in Warzone at the moment, yet some hackers have found a way to take it a step further.

Now, it seems like hackers are able to make custom operators and skins which they can play as in Warzone.


Make Your Own Operator Skin?

Hacks to do with skins are nothing new in Warzone. In fact, a cheat software that unlocks every weapon camo and attachment in the game has been used for ages.

There have also been a few instances before of players being able to play as unreleased operators. Some hackers have worked out how to play as classic character Soap MacTavish in Warzone.

However, nothing like this has ever been seen before. Hackers can now seemingly customize their operator skins…

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Black Ops Cold War operators

Warzone ‘Pink Suit’ Operator Skin Hack

Warzone player u/jherbz87 posted a photo to the Warzone subreddit of a hacker using an unrecognizable skin. It uses the model of the Dr. Karlov skin for Bale, but he is wearing a bright pink suit.

This player was apparently hacking and got a whopping 46 kills while wearing this hacked skin.

Despite Activision banning over 500,000 Warzone hackers, cheating is on the rise once more. Some players think that Warzone cheating is now worse than ever.

Currently, the method this Warzone hacker was using to change his operator skin is unknown, however, if it becomes widespread it could be a disaster for Warzone. What if hackers learned how to make their operator invisible instead of bright pink?

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Luckily, Activision is investing more into improved Warzone anti-cheat, but we don’t know when it will arrive. Let’s hope that it bans the players using this custom operator skins hack when it does though.

Hacking isn’t even the biggest problem in Warzone right now either. Many players have been suffering from terrible lag spikes in Verdansk.

Finally, future Call of Duty games could come as part of a Battle Pass subscription bundle. Would you pay extra for this?

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