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Warzone Hackers and Cheaters Are Still Ruining the Game – September 2021

Warzone players are close to giving up as hackers and cheaters continue to ruin the game in September 2021.

Lately, we feel like fewer and fewer people are talking about Warzone. It’s clear that players and content creators alike are tired of the battle royale, due to the cheating issues.

Recently, we saw Raven Software begin to implement hardware bans for Warzone cheaters.

Partner that up with the recent enormous Warzone ban waves, and you’d think the problem would be going away.

Warzone Hackers and Cheaters Still Ruining the Game September 2021(1)
(Source: Activision)

Instead, players report that Warzone hackers and cheaters are still ruining the game in September 2021. And some reports even suggest that the issue is worse than ever.

Warzone Cheating Worse Than Ever in September 2021?

Is the Warzone cheating issue worse than ever as we head further in September 2021? It seems the new anti-cheat can’t come soon enough.

Right now, the Call of Duty community is enjoying the Vanguard Beta – at least those of them that own a PlayStation device. And, in fairness, only PS5 owners are really having a good time, as Vanguard is almost unplayable on PS4 consoles.

But Activision’s biggest product is still suffering while we wait for the new premium title to launch. Call of Duty Warzone is the franchise’s largest money-maker, but it also seems to be the title that gets neglected the most.

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(Source: Activision)

Users on the CODWarzone subreddit confirm that their experiences with the title are only getting worse:

“What is going on with the hackers now?” Reddit user LOWBACCA asks. “The past week I’ve gotten cheaters in every single lobby.”

It seems that Warzone cheaters are even getting braver in September 2021. Aimbot appears to be much more obvious than ever before, and users are racking up insane kill counts, ruining the game for everyone else.

Warzone Broken Until The Pacific Vanguard Map Launch?

It seems that Warzone will be a broken record until the launch of the new Pacific map with Vanguard’s launch.

We know that The Pacific is bringing a new anti-cheat to Warzone, after all. But players aren’t happy about dealing with hackers and cheaters until the launch of Vanguard later this year.

What’s more, The Pacific Warzone map’s release date isn’t even the same as Vanguard’s!

Warzone's New Pacific Map
(Source: Activision)

And from what we can see already, Warzone’s new map could have some major problems of its own to deal with.

But until it arrives, we’ll have to deal with issues like Warzone’s new flying dirt bike cheat ourselves. Of course, the option to switch to a game like Splitgate with a strict anti-cheat is also appealing.

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Tuesday 30th of November 2021

Uninstalled and selling my pc. Built it to play this game but either I’m in a lobby with people that are literally 3x my KD or it’s hackers. One or the other and it’s not enjoyable anymore. Made some friends since season 1 from all over the US but now I’m done with this game. I had even started streaming.


Monday 18th of October 2021

Cheaters of really ruin the game for me. I agree with your earlier comment, I’ve either had a cheater on my team or been killed by a Amber cheater and every single game in the month of October 2021. So I’ve made a decision to stop playing war zone until they fix the problem.