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Warzone Hackers & Cheaters Are Ruining Caldera Lobbies – January 2022

Warzone was meant to have its biggest comeback ever with the new Pacific map but hackers and cheaters are ruining Caldera in January 2022.

After almost 2 years of waiting, we finally have a brand-new Warzone map to explore: Caldera. Unfortunately, the Vanguard integration was a little too rocky for most players’ tastes.

Not only do we have some incredibly overpowered Warzone weapons in the meta right now, but the game itself has major issues too.

In the last few days alone, there have been invisible Warzone Operators cropping up in Caldera.


On top of that, Warzone Pacific has some incredibly frustrating bugs right now.

But perhaps the biggest problem with the Battle Royale is that RICOCHET isn’t fixing the cheater problem.

In fact, there seems to be a major Warzone cheater spike in January 2022!

Warzone Hackers and Cheaters Are Worse Than Ever in Season 1

Now that we have a brand-new anti-cheat, why do Warzone hackers and cheaters seem worse than ever in Season 1?

When Caldera first arrived, players were happy to see Activision finally release the anti-cheat Warzone so desperately needed.

RICOCHET is a kernel-level anti-cheat that the publisher built from the ground up, ensuring that Warzone’s hacker problem would be a thing of the past. So why are there so many cheaters all of a sudden in Caldera?

Warzone players are reporting a huge influx of hackers and cheaters in Caldera. And it’s turning fans away from the Battle Royale once again.

Previously, we’ve seen cheaters cause a lot of players to quit Warzone. Could this spike in malicious players be enough to put the Battle Royale in the ground for good?

It’s clear that RICOCHET isn’t working as intended – or that a new exploit has been found by cheat providers.

Lately, Activision has been targeting major Warzone cheat providers and attempting to take them down. And while it has seen some success in the last few months, it’s clearly too big of a market to easily crumble.

Let’s hope that the publisher can get things under control soon. Otherwise, we don’t imagine that the new Attack on Titan Warzone bundle will be selling very well…

Meanwhile, developer Raven Software is about to make major changes to the Warzone meta – and they’re not popular. It seems that a big effort is going into increasing Warzone’s Time to Kill too, which might be hard on casual players.

And, as it is, the game’s community is claiming that Warzone is becoming more Pay to Win lately. Combine that with the cheater spike and you’ve got a recipe for a game in danger of dying.

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