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Warzone Hacker Proves How Easy It Is to Cheat Without Getting Banned

Warzone’s hacking problem is only getting progressively worse, one Warzone Hacker has highlighted how easy it is to cheat and avoid being banned.

Warzone is currently in a bad place, players are finding that cheaters are a problem running rampant. However, Activision has not put any measures in place in order to stop the cheating issue.

Unfortunately for players, most fans agree that Warzone hackers are present in most matches. Sadly, this is an ongoing issue with very little being done to combat it.

Now, a Warzone Hacker has proven how easy it is to cheat without getting banned, exposing part of the problem to players.

Warzone Hacker Proves How Easy Cheating Is

Unfortunately for many, cheating is a problem that is plaguing the Warzone community. One Warzone Hacker is attempting to show players how easy it is to get away with cheating in the popular battle royale game.

Twitch streamer ‘exzachtt’ interviewed a Warzone Hacker in order to glean information about the problem. In doing so he has exposed a glaring issue in the Warzone community.

By speaking to a cheater about the issues facing Warzone at the moment, ‘exzachtt’ was able to see how easy it is to get away with cheating. In the clip, the hacker also admits to using cheats in order to fight the problem.

By the cheater’s logic, Warzone servers will contain “147 hackers, and 3 people”. This means that Activision will have to step in to address the issue if the vast majority of players are using hacks.

Call of Duty Warzone Hacking Problem
Source: Activision

Although Activision has promised to fix the Warzone cheating issue again. Sadly, without any anti-cheat program in place, cheaters will be able to continue to spoil the game.

Interestingly, the hacker admits to having multiple Warzone accounts with hacks enabled. The cheater mentions that Activision only shadow-bans these accounts.

This means after a short time they can continue to play with the same account and if the account is compromised, they simply switch over to another one.

Interestingly, the Warzone Hacker also states how easy it is to set up cheats. According to the cheater, $10 is enough to purchase a cheat system. cheats can also be “set up and rock and rolling in a matter of 30 seconds”.

Call of Duty Warzone Cheating

Sadly, this is an issue that will likely not be fixed for some time. Activision has expressed an interest in wanting to fix the game, but little has been done so far.

It has led to some instances where Warzone streamers brag about using cheats live on Twitch. This is obviously cause for concern when the hackers themselves feel there is no consequence for cheating.

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Interestingly, Activision seems more concerned with punishing Warzone streamers who speak out about these issues. One Warzone streamer may face consequences after a rant against Activision.

warzone cheaters
Source: Activision

Furthermore, Activision is yet to implement any kind of anti-cheat system into the game. For the most part, Activision’s promise is a bit empty, with no end in sight for the problem.

Even Facebook is taking some action against Warzone Hackers, with cheaters being demonetized by Facebook Gaming. It is clear that Activision needs to step up on behalf of Warzone’s player base.

If you are looking for how to remove Warzone Hackers from your lobby, you can check out our guide here. Hopefully, this should alleviate some stress caused by Warzone’s hacking problem.

However, alternatively, you could give Black Ops Cold War a try. The latest update is dropping in a few days and you can check out the full Firebase Z map layout details here.

if you want to see the full clip of the Warzone Hacker talking about cheating, you can check out the tweet here.

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