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Warzone Ground Fall Crash Site Recovery Guide: How To Collect Rewards

Find out how to complete the ‘Crash Site Recovery’ challenge in the new Warzone Ground Fall event.

Warzone Season 4 is here and a brand new event has just arrived. The Ground Fall event has caused many satellites to crash-land across Verdansk, and players have been tasked with some limited-time challenges too.

However, it isn’t always obvious how to complete these objectives. Luckily, we’ve got all the answers on how to complete the ‘Crash Site Recovery’ challenge by collecting the elusive rewards from crashed satellites.

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Warzone Season 4 Skydive

How To Complete Warzone Ground Fall ‘Crash Site Recovery’

One of the challenges in the new Ground Fall Warzone event is called ‘Crash Site Recovery’. For completing it, you get a small reward and also get one step closer to completing all of the Ground Fall challenges to get the weapon blueprint.

To complete this challenge, a satellite needs to be called in, and this can only be done by securing an uplink station.

Find out how to find and secure satellite uplink stations in Warzone’s Ground Fall event.

Once the satellite has crashed, you can approach it and collect your reward. These rewards could be a Loadout Drop Marker, a H.A.R.P, or another powerful item.

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Cold War Warzone Season 4 Ground Fall Event

Alternatively, there is a more sneaky method to complete the Warzone Ground Fall ‘Crash Site Recovery’ challenge. You could always go to a busy area of the map and wait for someone else to call a satellite in.

Although beware, stealthy players, the Roze skin has gotten a huge nerf in Season 4!

You only need to claim what is in the satellite to complete this particular challenge. So if you kill the person who called it in before they get there, the reward is all yours!

You’ll need to claim a reward 3 times to complete ‘Crash Site Recovery’, so let’s hope you get to the satellite first!

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Warzone Season 4 uplink Stations Satellite

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