If you’re trying to play Warzone but experiencing the Goldflake Error, then you’re in the right place! Here, we’ll explain what this error is and how to fix it.

Almost every player has encountered a Warzone error that has stopped them from logging into their Activison Account or from joining a match. Thankfully, most of these errors have fixes that players can use.

Here is how to fix the Goldflake error in Warzone and why you may see it in your game.

How to Fix Warzone Goldflake Error

The Warzone Goldflake Error appears when the Call of Duty servers are under heavy load or experiencing outages, so the best way to fix it is to reboot your game or turn off your console and wait a few minutes before starting up Warzone again.

Activision Support is reporting that the Warzone Online Services are Online. If you are still seeing the Goldflake Error, then reboot your platform, and it should fix the issue.

Most of the time, a reboot is all you need in order to fix this error and find a Warzone match without issues. However, if you’ve tried this and it’s still not working, here are a few other fixes players have said work:

  • Reset your router and internet connection.
  • Close the Warzone application and start it again.
  • Turn off your console’s internet and reconnect it.
  • Turn off cross-play, and try to enter a match.
  • Check Activision Support to see if there are any outages.

One of the most likely causes of this error is a server outage, and when this happens, players will have no choice but to wait for Activision to fix whatever issue is causing the outage.

Warzone Goldflake Error Server Status

This means that no fix will help the situation, and you may need to resort to playing offline or playing a different multiplayer game that is not using the Activision Servers.

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