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Warzone Godzilla vs Kong Event Times: When Does Operation Monarch Event Start/End?

Warzone is finally playing host to Godzilla vs Kong in Operation Monarch but when does the Limited Time Event come to an end?

Today is the day that fans have been waiting quite some time for. After all, our first leaks of Godzilla and Kong coming to Warzone appeared as early as February.

Now, the big day has finally arrived and the two titans are duking it out on Caldera.

Players can even control Kong and Godzilla via a new Warzone killstreak – find out how to get your hands on it here!

Godzilla Atomic Breath Warzone

Plus, don’t miss out on all the free rewards that Operation Monarch has to offer. You only have a limited time to take advantage of the event, after all.

Warzone Godzilla vs Kong Event Times – Start / End Dates & Times

The Warzone Godzilla vs Kong Event ‘New Operation Monarch has already begun.

It will run from May 11 to May 25. Most likely, the Godzilla vs Kong mode will come to an end at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST.

With that in mind, there’s still plenty of time to earn all the Operation Monarch rewards. Be sure to run the best high-damage guns for Godzilla vs Kong and you’ll be taking control of the titans in no time.

Plus don’t forget that you can get your hands on 3 new Monsterverse bundles for Godzilla, Kong, and Mechagodzilla.

Warzone King Kong Godzilla Skins

But despite the hype for the new cosmetics, players don’t seem to like the new Godzilla Operator skin at all. It’s certainly true that it looks a lot less menacing than in its promotional images.

While you’re adventuring around Caldera, don’t miss some of the secret Godzilla vs Kong Easter eggs before they’re gone on May 25!

We can only hope that Warzone 2 offers similar massive-scale events when it launches. Activision is already teasing groundbreaking innovations in Warzone’s successor, which it will show off in the upcoming reveal trailer.

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