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Warzone: All Godzilla vs Kong Operation Monarch Easter Eggs & Clues

Warzone is getting ready for its biggest-ever event with Godzilla vs Kong in Operation Monarch – here are all the Easter eggs in-game right now!

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you’ll have likely heard about the Monsterverse coming to Warzone. Right now, Godzilla and King Kong are preparing to face off, and Caldera is getting ready for their arrival.

Already, we’re seeing big changes around the Battle Royale map, referencing the upcoming showdown. And although there’s still a fair wait until the Operation Monarch release date in Warzone, these Easter eggs and hints are in-game right now.

Plus, Warzone hackers are already enjoying the new Godzilla and Kong skins in Caldera too.

Warzone: All Godzilla vs King Kong Easter Eggs & Locations

Here are all the Operation Monarch Easter eggs referencing Godzilla vs Kong that you can find in Warzone so far!

Dig Site POI

The most obvious reference to the upcoming battle is the new Dig Site POI in between Caldera’s Mines and Ruins.

Warzone Season 3 Dig SIte

Here, players will encounter huge skeletons of creatures from the Monsterverse, including what looks like a member of Kong’s own species.

See more about the new Warzone Dig Site POI here!

Godzilla’s Location in Caldera

While we don’t know exactly how the Godzilla vs Kong fight is going down, it seems that the giant lizard’s starting location may have already been revealed.

Recently, one eagle-eyed fan was able to spot some suspicious ripples in Caldera’s ocean that hint at Godzilla’s arrival. Could this be where the giant reptile emerges from the sea?

Operation Monarch Activity

It seems that while Operation Monarch may be referring to the event itself, Monarch appears to be a task force that is currently residing on Caldera. Players can now see the Monarch logo appearing on crates around the island, as preparations get underway.

Monarch Logo in Warzone

Right now, it seems likely that Monarch is investigating the rumblings taking place under the ground. However, whether they know about the upcoming fight remains to be seen.

Godzilla & King Kong Monoliths

A series of strange monoliths are appearing on Caldera in the lead-up to Operation Monarch. The stones surrounding the island are all marked with Godzilla’s name in Japanese Katakana lettering.

Godzilla Monolith in Warzone

Meanwhile, a small cluster of Monoliths with King Kong’s handprint can be seen surrounding Peak. Could these strange new stones be a way of interacting with or even controlling the monsters in the event gamemode?

Peak POI Cave Paintings

Within the new Peak POI, players can head inside the mountain to discover tribal cave paintings from a time long gone. It seems that the former residents of Caldera have made sketches of more than a few monsters, including Kong and Godzilla themselves.

Warzone Peak POI Cave Paintings

It seems that the two creatures are destined to fight on Caldera, although there are a few other beasts present in the sketches too.

Perhaps Hellhawks, Skullcrawlers, and other creatures will be appearing on the island during the event, as the paintings would suggest.

Godzilla vs Kong Cave Paintings Warzone

But it’s not just Peak that hides these paintings. Players can now enter a secret cave behind the waterfall near Power Plant to discover a depiction of Godzilla facing off against a giant dragon-like creature.

Godzilla and Kong Footprints

Since we know that Godzilla and Kong have fought previously, it makes sense for their footprints to be found around the map.

Godzilla Footprint Warzone

Although these locations don’t offer much to the player, it’s a nice way of teasing the scale of the event that’s to come.

King Kong’s Axe

Those familiar with the Godzilla vs Kong movie will recognize this tremendous axe, which can be found at the Resort POI.

This axe is made with the ancient scale of one of Godzilla’s kin, and it has the power to pierce the ancient lizard’s skin and even absorb radiation.

King Kong's Axe in Warzone

The axe can release radiation energy when striking its opponent, evening the odds between Kong and Godzilla considerably.

Caldera’s New Atmosphere

As revealed in the recent patch notes, Caldera’s new grey appearance is a reference to the upcoming battle. It seems a great storm is on its way, and the island is changing in preparation.

What’s more, the Warzone soundtrack is also getting noticeably more epic, as Godzilla and Kong approach.

Don’t miss our first look at Godzilla vs Kong gameplay here! We can’t wait to see the two titans battle it out in Warzone’s biggest-ever event.

But could Warzone 2 have similar grand-scale events in the future? Activision is already confirming that Warzone 2 will showcase ‘groundbreaking innovations’ during its reveal alone.

Thanks to TheGamingRevolution for showcasing all the new Godzilla vs Kong Easter eggs in Warzone. Check out their video on the topic below:

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