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Crazy Warzone Glitch Spawns Player in Gulag At The Start Of The Match

You wouldn’t be happy if a glitch spawned you in the Gulag right at the beginning of your Warzone game!

The Gulag in Warzone is one of the best parts of the entire game. Nothing beats a high-stakes 1v1 fight, with the winner getting to respawn.

However, players still want to avoid the Gulag at all costs. After all, it’s better to stay alive than have to clutch a Gulag match to continue.

However, this one player was so unlucky that he spawned in the Gulag at the start of his Warzone game -check out this insane glitch!

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Warzone's New Season 4 Hijacked Gulag Has A Huge Problem

Warzone Glitch Spawns Player in Gulag

Warzone’s Gulag is a much-loved part of the game, but the new Season 4 Hijacked Gulag has a major problem that is really annoying players. And, now a new clip has shown an annoying glitch that is also ruining the Gulag in Warzone.

A new clip shared on the Warzone subreddit shows a player going straight from the helicopters at the start of the game into the Gulag. There’s no explanation for his, but it’s possibly the worst way to start a game of Warzone.

The player elaborated that they could then win their Gulag match to respawn. However, you would still feel cheated out of a life by this glitch, if you started your Warzone match in the Gulag.

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This seems like a very rare but so, luckily, not many players have been affected by it, but it’s just another problem that Warzone needs to fix.

Let’s hope that Raven Software issues an update for this Gulag glitch in the next update for Warzone this week. Find out everything coming in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded.

Meanwhile, Warzone’s cheater problem is getting worse and worse. Not only are hacks available to download on console now, but streamers like JackFrags are saying that cheaters are ruining Warzone.

Finally, Warzone is getting a brand new map soon, and of course, a brand new Gulag. A huge leak has revealed loads of details about the upcoming WW2 Warzone map.

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