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Warzone Glitch Removes Sniper Scope Glint on This Optic

A new Warzone glitch has removed scope glint from a specific sniper optic in the game.

Scope glint helps keep Warzone balanced. It lets players spot far away snipers more easily so they don’t get killed by a player they can’t see.

Players have the option of using high-powered zoom scopes with scope glint, or using an optic with a lower zoom level and no glint. However, they don’t have to make the choice any more, thanks to this new glitch.

Warzone Sniper

How To Have No Scope Glint in Warzone

Warzone players have been using a bug to totally remove scope glint from their Cold War snipers for ages now. This makes them extremely hard to spot at long ranges and it can be done with a 20x zoom scope.

Although, this exploit could not be done with Modern Warfare snipers and marksman rifles.

However, the latest Warzone update has now removed scope glint for Modern Warfare weapons when using a specific scope. This is following the April 6 Warzone update which nerfed the AUG and FFAR.

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Warzone HDR sniper

Zero Glint Variable Zoom Scope

After conducting some testing, JGOD has found that the Variable Zoom Scope has no glint on any of the Modern Warfare sniper or marksman rifles. This means you can use top-tier weapons like the Kar98k, HDR, and SPR-208 without worrying about being spotted.

Now, the best sniper loadout for Warzone Season 2 is even better because you don’t have to worry about enemies spotting your scope glint.

The Variable Zoom Scope is the highest-powered zoom scope for all of the Modern Warfare snipers and is only slightly slower to ADS than the regular Sniper Scope. This, combined with the no glint glitch makes it by far the best optic to use.

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Also, be sure to check out our best Kar98k loadout in Warzone Season 2. It’s the most accurate sniper rifle in the game.

Make the most of this while you can though, as this is a glitch and will probably be fixed very soon.

This no glint glitch affecting sniper scopes is just the latest problem in Warzone. Angry players have begun the ‘FIXWZ’ clan tag movement to protest against the state of the game.

Also, the leaked Ural Mountains Warzone map might not be coming as soon as everyone thinks. However,a new leak has revealed that exciting new vehicles could arrive in Warzone soon.

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