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Annoying Warzone Glitch Makes Loadout Drops Unreachable

This frustrating Warzone glitch stops players from picking up their loadout drop.

Loadout drops are the only way to pick up custom classes you create in Warzone. Therefore, picking one up is one of the first priorities for any squad.

However, this frustrating glitch stops players from grabbing their hard-earned loadout drop, as it is totally unreachable.

Unreachable Loadouts Drops in Warzone?

An extremely unlucky Warzone player posted a clip to Reddit where they called in a loadout drop but a glitch stopped them from getting it.

His teammate threw down a loadout drop marker in a clear space that the crate could definitely reach. However, the drop fell down and got caught in mid-air.

The drop ‘landed’ in the air near the small shack the players were in which made it totally unreachable.

This isn’t the only airborne glitch in Warzone at the moment. Players are also experiencing this hilarious glitch which makes them shuffle sideways in the sky when parachuting in.

Unfortunately, there is no way of fixing this issue if you get it. You’ll have to either build up some more money to buy another loadout drop marker from a buy station or wait for one of the free loadout drops to come.

For now, it’s best to throw your loadout drop markers far away from buildings just in case it was the building stopping it from falling to the ground.

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Check out the video showing the glitch below.

omgitiszmd Reddit

Hopefully Raven will fix this loadout drop glitch soon, but it certainly has much bigger Warzone problems to deal with. The infinite stim glitch is back again to ruin games but uses night-vision goggles this time.

Players are also demanding this change to the Warzone’s circle to make it more like Fortnite.

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