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New Warzone Glitch Lets Players Jump Into Gulag & Kill Fighters

Thanks to a new glitch, Warzone players can now jump into the Gulag before their fight to kill unsuspecting enemies and get an easy kill.

The Gulag is one of the fan-favorite parts of Warzone. With a respawn on the line for the winner, the stakes don’t get higher than this 1v1 fight.

However, the Gulag does also have a number of problems, the biggest one being a new glitch that lets spectators jump into the fight!

Warzone Hijacked Gulag Season 4

Warzone Gulag Glitch Lets Spectators Jump in

Warzone’s Gulag has had a number of problems, including players being able to get in the Gulag with their loadout weapons. However, this might be the worst yet.

YouTuber NTrippy has found a ridiculous new Warzone glitch. This lets players parachute down into the Gulag before it is their turn.

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Once actually in the arena, you become invincible and can actually punch the fighters to death. Although this is not your actual fight, so you then respawn in a proper Gulag match like you usually would afterward.

This Gulag bug is just one of many glitches Warzone players are suffering from right now. A double riot shield glitch is making Warzone players invincible, while Loadout Drops are breaking the game again.

Warzone's New Season 4 Hijacked Gulag Has A Huge Problem

How To Parachute Into The Gulag

The video doesn’t show how NTrippy managed to parachute into the Warzone Gulag using the glitch, however, he said that he will reveal the method in a few days. What we do know is that you need to somehow jump over the railings and parachute down to the Gulag floor.

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Hopefully, Warzone developer Raven Software finds a fix for this strange glitch before the method is revealed to the world.

Meanwhile, Warzone players also have to deal with hackers. The Warzone cheating problem is getting worse and worse. This is much worse than the Gulag glitch in Warzone

Even PlayStation and Xbox players aren’t safe anymore as console players can now download Warzone hacks.

Finally, we’ve got the answer to Warzone’s biggest question. Is Warzone better on PS5 or Xbox Series X?

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