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Warzone Glitch Is Banning Players For No Reason

Warzone players are currently facing a new problem after many have reported having their accounts banned for no reason.

Recently, Activision outlined their mission to “invest more resources into anti-cheat”. Sadly, cheaters and hackers alike have been spoiling the experience for many players.

Warzone Players Banned
(Source: Activision)

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In fact, the issue has become so rampant that recently Activision banned over 475,000 cheaters in their biggest ban wave yet. However, it appears that these measures are also having a knock-on effect, innocent players are also reporting having their accounts banned too.

Now, the latest Warzone Season 3 1.36 update appears to have introduced a new bug to the popular battle royale experience. Here is everything we know about the bug, which is causing many players to have their accounts suspended with little warning.

Warzone Bug Is Banning Innocent Players

Not so long ago we reported on the Sail 630 Nuclear bug, which was affecting Black Ops Cold War Zombies players. Interestingly, the bug was banning players simply for being good at the game. Now, a similar issue appears to have cropped up in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Interestingly, it appears that Raven Softwares’ anti-cheat measures have caused problems for innocent players too. Furthermore, reports have been circulating that the anti-cheat system may now be banning players without warning, even if they haven’t accessed cheats.

Warzone Best Weapons Season 3 Banning Players
(Source: Activision)

Although this issue is not the only problem players are facing in Warzone at the moment. Similarly, players are angry with the latest Warzone ‘Hunt For Adler’ challenge. The new mission is causing huge frustration for players, who are having a hard time completing it.

The last time players were receiving bans unfairly in Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch responded with a fix and statement. However, this actually angered many fans with their heavy-handed response, which seemed to shift the blame off of Treyarch.

Warzone Verdansk '84 New Map Factory POI
(Source: Activision)

Hopefully, Raven Software will treat Warzone player ban with a bit more sensitivity. As of right now, it appears that there are no specific criteria for triggering a ban. Interestingly, it appears to be happening at random to unlucky players.

It appears that Activisions’ focus at the moment is on content. A new leaked image of the Warzone Ural Mountains map has already leaked online. Perhaps fixing the game and its host of problems is not the biggest concern for Raven right now.

Warzone Verdansk '84 New Map Grid Radar Array POI
(Source: Activision)

However, It is likely only a matter of time before Raven Software responds to the problem. In the meantime, you may want to check out Warzone Season 3’s most broken gun, according to the pros.

Perhaps if Warzones’ issues are becoming a bit too much, you might instead be looking forward to Battlefield 6. A huge new leak has revealed brand-new details about the game, including its own free battle royale experience.

Finally, although Season 3 has just kicked off with an explosive start, you may want to find out exactly when Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 4 begins.

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Monday 19th of July 2021

This just happened to my account. I've played numerous COD titles and never used cheats. It would be nice to know what "unauthorized software" or "game data manipulation" they're talking about. The ban appeal process, if you can call it that, is an absolute joke. They just reaffirm their initial findings and BAN HAMMER!


Tuesday 1st of June 2021

All the money spent to be banned for being good at the game. Like if you're going to do that credit us the F back for all our purchases.


Friday 30th of April 2021

I think whats even worse is that they are just ignoring the issue and acting like it's not even happening. Really hope some more light gets shed on this. I mostly play private lobbies versus bots on Modern Warfare, I played warzone for 2 days to try the event and the "new" map and was hit with a ban the following day. I was given the same reply as everyone else... ‘use of unauthorised software and manipulation of game data’


Friday 30th of April 2021

Just to give you a little update. Even after opening up an appeal process for unfairly banned players they are still refusing to overturn any bans unless you are a streamer with a bit of clout. Outrageous that they can get away with this. It’s not just affecting pc players but also numerous console players aswell. We have ALL had the same generic response to our appeals ‘use of unauthorised software and manipulation of game data’ which quite frankly is a load of rubbish. I can only speak for myself but I have NEVER had any cheat software for any game on my system and I wouldn’t even know how to manipulate game data. We just need a voice to help us carry on this fight

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