Some lucky Warzone players have got a full loadout, alongside armor plates and ammo, when battling in the Gulag, letting them win with ease!

The 1v1 battles in the Gulag can be some of the most intense moments in all of Warzone. With both players being equipped with the same random weapon and equipment, the fight comes down to pure skill – when glitches aren’t ruining it, that is.

A long-standing Warzone bug has recently resurfaced, and it is giving Warzone players full loadouts in the Gulag. This is making the battles totally unfair!

Vondel Gulag Season 4 Reloaded

Loadout Duplication Glitch Ruins The Gulag

Warzone streamer Art_Is_War has shared a clip of him finding a full player’s loadout in the Gulag. After picking up the custom weapons from the floor, he easily won the battle.

He also claims that this bug happened two Gulags in a row and is part of a larger loadout duplication glitch, which is becoming a problem for Warzone.

The reason behind this glitch is not known, but it seems like loot dropped from dead players is spawning twice. Once straight after they are killed, and another time after a short wait of around 10 seconds.

The loot dropped not only includes the guns and equipment that players were using, but also their cash, as shown in the second clip from Art_Is_War. However, the cause of loot and loadout weapons dropping in the Gulag in Warzone is especially strange.

Hopefully, developer Raven Software will investigate and solve this issue soon. However, a quick fix may not be possible.

Players have reported this glitch for around a year now, so there may not be a simple solution!

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