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Warzone Glitch Lets Downed Players Shoot Their Guns

This crazy Warzone glitch lets players shoot their guns after being downed.

Warzone has been full of exploits recently, including the game-breaking infinite stim glitch. Players have now noticed yet another bug, this time concerning ziplines.

Luckily this is a glitch rather than an exploit, so people can't use it to their advantage and win games like this Warzone invisibility glitch.

Warzone Shoot When Downed Glitch

Warzone's Shoot When Downed Glitch

This glitch is only getting attention now, even if it has been around ever since ziplines were introduced to Verdansk. This is because a new clip shows the shoot while downed glitch helping to kill a cheater.

Warzone streamer Headache ventured into the gas to serve some justice and kill a cheater. Another Warzone hero also risked his life to take down a stim glitcher.

He headed towards to Airport tower where the stimmer was hiding and took the zipline up. It initially looked like the gas would kill him before he reached the top of the zipline, but then the glitch happened.

Headache was downed just as he got off the zipline but still had the MAC-10 in his hands. From there he shot and killed the stim glitcher.

The glitch occurs when exiting ziplines as players seemingly can always shoot for a couple of seconds even if they have been downed.

Check out the video below to see the glitch in action.

Headache Twitter

Warzone will hopefully be a lot more enjoyable for players now. A huge new balancing patch looks to have ended the DMR's reign of terror for good.

This news comes just in time for the Double Weapon XP Event coming to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

In case you didn't know, Black Ops Cold War Zombies is getting a free access week. What are you waiting for? Go and shoot the hordes of undead.

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