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Warzone is Getting Jigsaw and Leatherface Halloween Operators

It seems that Call of Duty: Warzone is getting into the Halloween spirit, with new Jigsaw and Leatherface operators coming to the battle royale.

Although 2020 isn’t about to let us celebrate Halloween as usual, we can at least log on to Call of Duty’s upcoming event. It seems that if new leaks are to believed, both Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are going to be represented in-game this Halloween season.

All we know for certain about the Warzone Halloween event is that it’s coming on October 20. The spooky new gamemode is called Haunting of Verdansk and it’ll run for two weeks starting next Tuesday.

Season 6 Warzone Roadmap
(Source: Activision)

Infinity Ward made the announcement as part of Warzone Season 6’s roadmap. This Halloween, players can enjoy a new Limited Time Mode, as well as some special rewards.

Now, it seems that we know exactly what these rewards might entail. According to COD Tracker, a total of 27 new cosmetic bundles are coming to the game.

And two major names certainly stand out.

Jigsaw and Leatherface Are Coming to Warzone

The antagonists from both Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will soon be in Warzone. Two of the cosmetic bundles contain not only Jigsaw and Leatherface operator skins, but a range of other assorted items too.

The Saw Bundle

Saw cosmetics in Warzone
(Source: COD Tracker)

In the Saw pack, the operator skin is named Billy, after Jigsaw’s iconic puppet. This time, Billy is lifesize though, and he comes with a selection of unique items.

The Confession and Death Trap weapons are also modeled after Billy’s signature style. Interestingly, players have reported that the Phlebotomist throwing knife has already started arriving in-game.

Besides his weaponry, Billy comes with a legendary Pain Train vehicle skin, a tricycle weapon charm, and some other Saw-themed cosmetics.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Bundle

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Warzone bundle
(Source: COD Tracker)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre might not have seen a lot of representation as of late, but it’s still a staple horror movie franchise. The cosmetic bundle comes with the Skin Crawler operator skin.

Putting Leatherface in the game is an interesting choice, but what’s even more interesting is the lack of chainsaws in the bundle. Leatherface purchasers won’t be able to hunt down enemies with his signature weapon, but they will receive a ‘Keychainsaw’ charm.

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It’s not that Leatherface doesn’t come with a melee weapon though, because he does get the Meat Grinder. The sledgehammer is a nice touch, but this seems like a missed opportunity.

If Infinity Ward couldn’t add a chainsaw due to it being a loud weapon, perhaps Leatherface wasn’t the right villain to include. Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, or Jason Voorhees might all have been better choices.

It’s good to see that Infinity Ward is pulling out all the stops this Halloween for skins though. We’re hoping that the Haunting of Verdansk is enough to make up for Warzone’s rocky performance as of late.

Reports suggest that players are having less fun in Warzone Season 6 and there are a number of causes. The game is full of bugs, causing crashes mid-game, and performing worse than ever.

What’s more, impossible Warzone challenges are now being issued to players. Warzone players are calling for Bounty contracts to return, but Infinity Ward is yet to find a fix for the crashing server issues.

It’s a messy time to be a Warzone fan, but hopefully, things will improve come this Halloween season.

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