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Warzone Player Discovers Genius Way to Push Fire Tower Campers

Warzone tower campers will have to watch their back thanks to this great new tip.

Campers are the worst. And in battle royale games they’re even more annoying than usual.

Players hiding in Warzone can ruin your whole game in a split second. However, this genius Warzone player has found a great way to push fire station tower campers.

Campers will usually be using a skin that blends into dark corners too. Find out how to counter players who use the pay-to-win Roze skin using this simple trick.

Warzone Tower

Best Way to Kill Warzone Tower Campers

The fire station tower North of Military Base is a prime spot for campers in Warzone. Players can either sniper from the tower or just lie down to be practically invisible.

The only way to get up this tower is to climb up the ladder. Or so players thought.

Although, this isn’t the best hiding spot in Verdansk. Warzone ninjas have found that trees are an even better spot to camp.

Redditor Wazzaaa777 has shared a new trick that lets players get straight up to the top of the fire station tower without climbing up the ladder. This makes killing tower campers in Warzone a breeze.

warzone parachute

Tower campers might have to find some new hiding spots if Verdansk is removed in Warzone Season 2.

First, players have to go up the hill to the West of the tower. From there, they can climb on the roof of the bungalow where a buy station usually spawns.

Then you can parachute straight over to the top of the fire station tower. However, Warzone players using this trick must parachute sideways in order to reach the tower campers.

This is because parachuting sideways makes you travel further, as you lose less altitude.

The best way to do this is to jump off facing the tower, then turn your camera 90 degrees sideways whilst still moving towards the tower. You can then hold down the free look button to give yourself a third-person view to make sure you don’t miss.

Wazzaaa777 Reddit

Even worse than tower campers in Warzone is hacking. Just a week after Activision banned 60,000 cheaters, players are now reporting that there are wallhackers in almost every game of Warzone.

Meanwhile, players have found the stats for the upcoming Sykov pistol and it looks like the most overpowered weapon ever.

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