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Warzone Gas Mask Animation Still Annoying Players

The Warzone gas mask animation is still annoying players almost a year after the game launched.

Gas masks are a very useful item in Warzone. They help players stay alive in the shrinking cloud of poisonous gas.

However, there is one thing that annoys players about gas masks. Of course, we are talking about the frustrating animation that begins any time you so much as brush past the gas.

Players automatically put on and take off the gas mask as soon as they enter of leave the gas circle. They have no control over it and it can lead to some incredible frustrating gameplay.

warzone gas ghost

Warzone’s Most Annoying Problem

The clip below sums up how infuriating Warzone gas masks can be.

However, this is not the only problem Warzone players have with the gas circle. Find out the Fortnite feature that players want Warzone to have too.

The clip shows Redditor effun22 in a game of Warzone running out of the gas towards an enemy squad. The Warzone player is holding the Kar98 and wants to change to a closer range gun, however, his gas mask had other ideas.

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warzone plane

As effun22 tries to switch to the FFAR, he leaves the incoming gas circle. This triggers the animation to put on the gas mask and stops him from changing weapons.

It gets even worse though. Warzone forces him to put on and take off the gas mask four more times before it breaks.

Effun22 can then switch to his FFAR and kill the enemies he spotted over 10 seconds earlier. Check out the best FFAR loadout for Warzone here.

The FFAR is also part of the best loadout for Warzone Season 1.

effun22 Reddit

How to Fix Warzone Gas Masks

The main way that Raven could change how gas masks work is by having a button that lets players put it on or take it off. This would be extremely helpful in situations like this to stop the animations from interrupting gunfights.

However, there have been no plans so far to change how gas masks work in Warzone. Let’s hope that Raven changes this as part of the Season 2 update.

Fans have also found out some of the new season’s content already. All of the weapons coming in Cold War and Warzone Season 2 have been leaked early.

A totally overpowered gun could also arrive in Warzone soon too – it can kill 3x quicker than any other gun in the game. Meanwhile, a fan-favorite Zombies character is coming as one of Season 2’s operators.

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