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Warzone Player Has Game Ruined by Hidden Circle Glitch

This Warzone player stood no chance of winning because of a hidden circle glitch.

Tracking the circle is a key component of Warzone as you need to avoid the incoming gas to stay alive. So a glitch that hides the circle’s location in Warzone will be totally unfair who the player who suffers from it.

There have been instances before of the circle appearing late for some players, but this has to be the worst Warzone circle glitch ever.

This isn’t the only glitch affecting Warzone at the moment. Warzone cheaters are still abusing this bug that lets you get inside walls.

Warzone Skydive Parachute

An Invisible Circle Glitch in Warzone?

Not knowing where the circle is going to be is a huge problem in Warzone and makes winning basically impossible. However, this is exactly what this glitch did to one unfortunate player.

This player had no idea where to land or rotate thanks to the circle being hidden. He wasn’t even given a line on the map to see where to run to be in the next circle.

In addition to the hidden circle glitch, this Warzone player also spawned into Buy Back with no money. In Buy Back modes, players spawn in with $4500 which they can use to purchase items from Buy Stations or use to respawn, however, this player had absolutely no money.

Despite this glitch, we still think that Buy Back Solos is way better than the standard Battle Royale in Warzone.

Only this short clip is on YouTube, but it’s pretty safe to assume that he didn’t win this game of Warzone due to this frustrating glitch.

It’s currently unknown what causes the Warzone hidden circle glitch, however, this is the only instance of it so far. Hopefully, there are no more cases of this as it completely ruins players games

HungLikeALemur YouTube

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If you think Warzone’s hidden circle glitch is bad, wait until you see how shameless cheaters have been Twitch streaming their Warzone game.

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