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Warzone Friends List Glitch Is Still Stopping Players From Joining Squads

Warzone players are still experiencing a glitch that stops players from inviting other players from their friends list.

Online games like Warzone are always more fun with friends. Plus, you can coordinate with a squad of friends much better than with random players.

Warzone can be played in squads of up to 4 players, but quite often the friends system in Warzone doesn’t work properly.

Warzone Squad Exfil

Players Can’t Invite Friends

This has been an issue ever since Warzone launched. However, there has been an upsurge in complaints about the Warzone friends list recently, following the huge Warzone update that fixed frustrating glitches.

Players have complained that they can’t see that any of their friends are online, even when they are. They also can’t see any of the recently met players and so can’t invite them that way either.

If you can’t invite your friends, you could alternatively play Solos. Find out the best tactic to win Warzone Solos easily.

Warzone Plunder

How To Fix Warzone Friends List Not Working

Of course, there is the ‘trial and error’ method where you just try again and again to invite your friends until it works. Spamming the ‘toggle offline friends button’ can sometimes refresh the friends’ list and show your online friends, but it doesn’t always work.

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However, players have found a sure-fire way to invite their Warzone friends even if their friends list isn’t working.

Warzone Squad

The only way around this issue seems to be to create a new regiment with the friends you want to play with. Then all of the members should join a random game of plunder.

After doing that, everyone should appear online and you can quit the Plunder match to play with your friends.

This gas mask animation problem in Warzone has also been annoying players since the game launched.

Despite the workaround, this shouldn’t still be a problem. Hopefully Warzone developer Raven will fix the friends list glitch sooner rather than later.

DayMhm Reddit

Meanwhile, find out about all of the new content coming to Warzone in Season 2. Also, a Call of Duty leaker has theorized that the second bunker doors in Warzone could open soon.

There has been no announcement of a new map in Season 2 just yet, however, players think that Verdansk could be removed from Warzone soon.

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