The latest Warzone Season 4 Reloaded patch, intended to bring fresh content and excitement to Call of Duty players, has instead frustrated PC gamers as they face significant FPS drops.

Since the mid-season update, players worldwide are encountering performance issues that render the game unplayable.

PC users who previously enjoyed playing games at over 160 FPS now express concerns about receiving only half their previous frame rate.

Warzone Players Reporting Major FPS Drop on PC

The problem with Warzone’s FPS appears to be limited to PC players. BennyCentral, a Call of Duty content creator, has expressed frustration with the game, stating that Warzone has become unplayable.

Regardless of the specifications of your gaming setup, FPS drops continue to affect players. Twitter user Warzone_Loadout, who possesses a high-performance PC, is also encountering these issues.

Furthermore, even with one of the fastest GPUs available on the market, a 4090, ModernWarzone has experienced a significant drop of over 50% in his regular FPS.

Fortunately for players, the developers are aware of the performance issues and are working on resolving them. They acknowledged the problem on their CODUpdates Twitter account and are now reportedly testing a fix that addresses performance issues on PC.

However, while the development team is fixing the FPS drop on Warzone, players continue to express frustration due to the constant drop of frames with each update.

Hopefully, for players, this issue can be resolved quickly. However, if the problem of FPS drops persists and continues to affect the game with each update, gamers may choose to stop playing altogether.

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