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Warzone Fortune’s Keep Players Upset Over Campers

Warzone Fortune’s Keep players are growing upset over the number of campers currently present on the new map.

Warzone is a competitive game. In Fortune’s Keep, this hasn’t changed. But every strategy is different. Some players are using the overwhelmingly powerful NZ-41 meta and running through the map.

While other players decide to stay in one area, camping certain corridors and rooms. These players have gained a bad reputation for ruining the experience for the community.

Players are concerned that this strategy will ruin Fortune’s Keep.

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Fortunes Keep Map Warzone Season 4

Warzone Season 4 Fortune’s Keep Players React to Campers & New Map

Warzone Fortune’s Keep brings a whole set of new locations to the popular battle royale. But unfortunately, players are concerned that campers will ruin the experience.

Fortune’s Keep is a beautiful map. In it, players can find buried treasure and even summon their very own zombie. Something that’s never been possible in Warzone before.

The locations are large and complex. This is something that players weren’t too fond of in Caldera because they felt that it invited players to camp.

It seems that this still holds true since the biggest complaint players are finding for Fortune’s Keep is the number of campers.

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Thankfully, Caldera has made a huge step forward to fix these issues by giving the map a complete visual overhaul.

But Fortune’s Keep might not be as easy to change since it’s a brand new map and most of its locations are complex POIs.

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One of the best ways to combat campers is by having one of the best SMG meta loadouts in your inventory. This will allow you to fight back even if you only have a second to react.

Fortune’s Keep isn’t all bad news. Raven Software has added multiple Easter Eggs to encourage players to explore the secrets contained on the map. Check out our complete Easter Egg guide to find them for yourself.

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