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Warzone Fortune’s Keep Map Breakdown: All POIs, Release Date & More

Activision has teased a new map that will be coming to Warzone along with Season 4. Here you will find a full location breakdown of Fortune’s Keep locations

Warzone’s Season 4 is approaching and a ton of changes are likely to drop in the game.

Since the early days of Warzone, there has been a very limited number of maps arriving in the game. Firstly there was the original Verdansk, which later changed to Verdasnk ’84, arriving alongside Rebirth Island.

The new Call of Duty Vanguard introduced Caldera to the Battle Royale, with players having mixed feelings about the map.

Fortune’s Keep All Locations Breakdown

The past week has been non-stop with Call of Duty news. Fans got hit with the new Modern Warfare 2 world reveal and on June 13 the full Fortune’s Keep tac map got teased.

Here are all the locations coming with the new Fortune’s Keep map

  • Keep – 20 Cannons, 10 Staircases, Fountain, 12 Rooms
The Keep Location Fortune's Keep
The Keep Location

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  • Smuggler’s Cove – 8 Ladders, 8 Huts, 3 Ziplines, 11 Boats
Smuggler's Cove Location Fortune's Keep
Smuggler’s Cove Location

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  • Town – Clock Tower, Library, The Blackbird Hotel, Gelato Stand
The Town Location Fortune's Keep
The Town Location

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  • Winery – Bell Tower, 6 Giant Wine Barrels, Vineyard
The Winery Location Fortune's Keep
The Winery Location

The following locations have been revealed on Fortune’s Keep full map but were not detailed in the reveal trailer.

  • Bay
  • Camp
  • Gatehouse
  • Graveyard
  • Terraces
  • Grotto
  • Lighthouse
  • Overlook

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Players are wondering if Fortune’s Keep will replace Rebirth Island, as is not common to see 2 Resurgence maps at the same time in the Battle Royale.

A rumor says that there could be multiple easter eggs coming along Fortune’s Keep. This is not a surprise as Raven has always added Easter Eggs into the Warzone maps, starting with the bunkers in Verdansk.

When is Fortune’s Keep Arriving in Warzone?

Raven Software has confirmed that Fortune’s Keep will arrive along with Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune on June 22.

The official Call of Duty Youtube has dropped an in-game Fortune’s Keep teaser, showing indoor and outdoor environments.

In other news, the Warzone 2 map has been leaked and it seems bigger than Verdansk and Caldera.

Finally, Warzone players are upset that Warzone 2 reportedly supports PS4 & Xbox One.

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