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Warzone Fortune’s Keep: How to Get Every Perk Instantly

Warzone Fortune’s Keep has a new contract where you can obtain every single perk in Season 4 instantly. Here’s how you can do it.

Perks in Warzone have always been a critical part of any winning team’s strategy. Once you’ve sorted out which weapon to use, the next step is always to figure out the right equipment and perks.

But what if you didn’t need to choose just a few perks? In Warzone Season 4 Fortune’s Keep, there is a way to get every single perk in an instant.

You just need to find quite a bit of money first.

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Black Market Store Fortune's Keep

How to Get Every Perk In Warzone From a Black Market Supply Run Contract

To get every perk in Warzone Fortune’s Keep instantly you’ll need to complete a Black Market Supply Run Contract and purchase it for $15000.

There are only a few Black Market Supply Run Contracts scattered around the map. Once you pick on up, an area on your map will be highlighted for a certain amount of time.

During this time you need to find the Black Market Store hidden in the area. Once you do, you’ll be able to access and purchase classified items that aren’t available anywhere else in the game.

The item you need to purchase is “Specialist Bonus” for $15000 which grants you every perk instantly. That may seem like a lot of money but Fortune’s Keep has a Cash Extraction Event that will net you a ton of cash if you can survive.

Or you can also pay a visit to the new secret chamber in Terraces by doing the new Fortune’s Keep Easter Egg. There is plenty of cash and even some exclusive gold weapons.

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Specialist Bonus Warzone

The Black Market Supply Run Contract itself will also reward you with $6000 to spend at the Black Market Store.

Once you have all the perks, all you need is the newly buffed NZ-41 meta loadout and you’ll be set up for any end-game battles.

But nothing everything that shines in Fortune’s Keep is gold. The undead has also found their way to the island, but they bring gifts.

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