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Warzone Fortune’s Keep: How to Complete Every Easter Egg

Here’s how to complete all of the Easter Eggs in Warzone Season 4’s brand-new map Fortune’s Keep!

Warzone Season 4 has finally arrived and there’s plenty of new content for players to enjoy and changes to get used to.

While there have been some major weapon buffs and nerfs in Season 4, the highlight of the new update is definitely the brand-new map, Fortune’s Keep.

Not only is it exciting to drop into a brand-new location, but there are all plenty of hidden secrets to be found – 4 in fact.

Here’s how to complete all 4 Easter Eggs in the new Fortune’s Keep Warzone map!

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How to Complete All 4 Easter Eggs in the Warzone Fortune’s Keep Map

How to Spawn a Zombie – Free Self-Revive Easter Egg

Zombie Spawn Fortune's Keep
Geekypastimes/ Activision

The first Easter Egg in Fortune’s Keep lets players get a free self-revive by summoning a zombie.

To do this, you’ll first have to pick up a shovel from the center of the graveyard and then light three different candles you can find in the area. Then you need to “pay respects” at the central grave to summon the zombie.

Here’s our full guide on how to complete Zombie Summoning Easter Egg in Fortune’s Keep.

Wine Bottles Easter Egg to Get Golden Weapons

Fortune's Keep Wine bottle

The next Easter Egg involves finding two wine bottles in the Terraces location. Placing them on a bookshelf upstairs will reveal a hidden room.

Inside this hidden room will be a load of golden weapons to pick up including a shield and an axe!

Check out our full Fortune’s Keep Golden Weapons Easter Egg guide for more info!

Fountain Easter Egg to Get a Free Weapon

Fortune's Keep Fountain
Geeky Pastimes/Activision

To complete this Easter Egg in Fortune’s Keep, you’ll first have to head to the Winery and find the fountain.

Drop some cash in the fountain and some items, including weapons, will come out!

Read our full Fortune’s Keep Fountain Easter Egg Guide for more help completing this secret!

‘Bullseye’ Dart Board Easter Egg

Bullseye Warzone Fortune's Keep
Activision/ Geeky Pastimes

Additionally, there is an Easter Egg to do with a dart board found in the new map.

If you throw a throwing knife at the bullseye, a secret room containing some legendary blueprints will open!

Here’s how to complete the Bullseye Easter Egg in Fortune’s Keep!

Buried Treasure Easter Egg to Get Legendary Loot

Warzone Fortune's Keep

Last, but certainly not least, there is also some buried treasure to find in Fortune’s Keep. Although, you’ll need to pick up the shovel in the graveyard.

There are a few locations to dig the big piles of sand and they can give you some great loot!

Find out where to dig up buried treasure in Fortune’s Keep!

And that’s how to complete every Easter Egg in the new Fortune’s Keep Warzone map. However, make sure to check back soon as even more could be discovered.

Also, make sure you know how to complete the new Caldera Bunker Golden Keycards Easter Egg too!

Finally, be sure to check out Easter Eggs expert Geeky Pastimes‘ video on how to complete all of these secrets in the new map!

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