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Warzone Fortune’s Keep: Golden Weapons Easter Egg Guide

Here’s how Warzone Fortune’s Keep players can complete the Golden Weapons Easter Egg to obtain some shiny new loot.

Warzone Season 4 Fortune’s Keep brings a whole new experience to the battle royale. The new map is filled with zombies, gold, and secrets in every corner.

One of those secrets is the new Golden Weapons Easter Egg that allows players to unlock a secret chamber filled with gold loot.

Here is everything you need to know to complete the Easter Egg for yourself!

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Geeky Pastimes Shield
Geeky Pastimes/Activision

Warzone Fortune’s Keep: Secret Chamber Easter Egg Wine Bottle Locations + Map

To complete the Golden Weapons Easter Egg in Warzone Fortune’s Keep, players will need to pick up wine bottles in Terraces and place them in the correct area!

Geeky Pastimes was the first to discover this Easter Egg and share it on Twitter!

Here are all the steps you need to complete in order to do this Fortune’s Keep Easter Egg:

  • First, head to the Terraces location on Fortune’s Keep.
  • Find two wine bottles scattered around the Terraces. You can see three of the locations found below.

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Wine Locations Warzone
  • Head to the top floor to a room with a large table and crates. Interact with the shelf inside the room to place the wine bottle.
  • The shelves should now open revealing a secret chamber.

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Wine Easter Egg Fortune's Keep
Geeky Pastimes/ Activision
  • Head inside to find some Golden Weapons including a shield and an ax!

But this isn’t the only new secret in Warzone Fortune’s Keep. Players are also able to spawn their very own zombie that when killed drops some interesting loot!

And the visit from the undead doesn’t stop there. Once Rebirth Island returns to the new weekly map rotation playlist, players will find zombies ravaging the islands in a brand new LTM.

There are also plenty more secrets to uncover in the new map. Here’s how to complete all of the Easter Eggs in Fortune’s Keep!

Although, Warzone Resurgance isn’t the only mode getting updates. Caldera just went through a huge overhaul that hasn’t completely changed the dynamic of the map!

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