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Warzone Fortune’s Keep Extreme 60 Player Playlist is Live Now

Warzone has surprised its players today with a new Fortune’s Keep Extreme Playlist that allows up to 60 players at once!

Raven Software has delivered a constant stream of content for this Warzone season. Part of these additions is the Fortune’s Keep map.

Thus far, players’ reaction has been very positive. The reception has been so favorable that some gamers even prefer Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island over Caldera.

Overall, gamers had been asking for something new in Warzone, and this new map was a perfect cure to that itch.

It seems the developers are aware of this popularity! Fortune’s Keep is getting an additional limited-time Playlist this weekend!

Warzone Fortune's Keep Map

What is Warzone Fortune’s Keep Extreme Playlist?

Warzone Fortune’s Keep Extreme is a limited-time playlist that allows up to 60 gamers to play on the map. This Playlist is now live and accessible for all Warzone players.

You might want to try out the best meta weapon for Fortune’s Keep in this new Playlist!

Unfortunately for those who want this mode to be a permanent addition, it seems that Raven Software will limit the Playlist to this weekend.

However, it is not the first time the developer has extended the time of a particular Playlist.

Usually, the developer is keen to consider these changes based on player feedback. An example is Rebirth Island’s return alongside Caldera and Fortune’s Keep.

Thus far, many gamers are already requesting Warzone Fortune’s Keep Extreme Playlist to be a permanent addition.

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Many are even going as far as saying that these should be the default way of playing this map.

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There’s plenty to try out in Fortune’s Keep! To dominate this map, these are the best Fortune’s Keep and Caldera perks for your loadout.

As well, you might want to give this after nerf NZ-41 Loadout a try; it still packs a punch even now!

Lastly, if you are into a more ranged playstyle, this BAR meta low recoil loadout is a perfect fit for you!

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