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Warzone Fortune’s Keep: How to Dig for Buried Treasure Easter Egg – Easy Legendary Loot

Here is how Warzone Fortune’s Keep players can find legendary loot easily by completing the Buried Treasure Easter Egg!

Warzone Season 4 has its fair share of Easter Eggs for the community to discover. It seems that they’ve learned from past seasons and wanted players to be more involved with this one.

Well, it’s working. The Shovel Easter Egg is probably one of the easiest to achieve in Warzone Fortune’s Keep Season 4.

But with it, you can get some pretty easy legendary loot to help you take down your enemies.

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Warzone Shovel

How to Dig and Where to Find a Shovel in Warzone Fortune’s Keep

Warzone Fortune’s Keep players will be able to find a Shovel to dig up treasure in the Graveyard. From here, they’ll need to make their way to the beachfront to find a dig site.

The most accessible dig site will be the beach northwest of the Graveyard. But for the best rewards, make your way to Smuggler’s Cove.

If you grab the shovel and dig up some treasure, you’ll also complete one of the Mercenaries of Fortune challenges! And you’ll get some pretty easy legendary loot.

While picking up the Shovel in Graveyard, you’ll also be able to summon your own zombie to obtain a quick free Self-Revive!

But if you’re feeling adventurous, head to Terraces, where completing the Secret Chamber Easter Egg will net you some cool golden weapons.

Make sure to find out how to complete every Easter Egg in Fortune’s Keep and uncover all of the secrets in the new map!

Buried treasure isn’t the only type of loot unique to Warzone Fortune’s Keep. Players will also be able to participate in Cash Extraction Events, where they can get a ton of cash. All you need to do is defeat some mercenaries and defeat every other player trying to take the cash for themselves.

Also, once you have all that cash you can make your way to the Black Market to get every perk in Warzone Season 4.

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