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Warzone Forfeit Message Is Stealing Wins From Players

Have you ever has a win stolen by a forfeit message in Warzone before?

Warzone, like all battle royale games, is all about being the last man standing. Players will do whatever they can to secure the win.

This makes it all the more devastating when Warzone snatches a win away from you. This is just like when players encounter this annoying forfeit message.

Warzone lake

Warzone “Enemies Forfeiting” Message

Warzone stealing wins from players is nothing new. Many players complained about this frustrating ‘black screen’ glitch that prevents players from getting Warzone victories, but this forfeit countdown is especially weird.

Warzone streamers Tommey and Almxnd encountered a very strange message when they were heading towards a Warzone victory.

When trying to track down the last enemy in the final circle, they were greeted with an on-screen countdown. It said “Enemies Forfeiting”, but the opponent had already quit.

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Warzone Squad

When the countdown got to zero, the streamers were greeted with the standard “Warzone Victory” message, like with any Warzone win. But when Tommey checked his stats later, he found out that it didn’t count.

Glitches like this are just part of the reason why Warzone players have started the FIXWZ clan tag movement.

You’d think that if an enemy quits, you would still get the win. However, that clearly isn’t the case because of this strange message.

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This forfeit message is a very annoying problem as it means Warzone players who quit when they are the second last team alive can stop their opponents from getting a win. Raven is currently working on a fix for the annoying glitch that removes all scope glint, so players will hope that the developer will be able to fix this too.

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Meanwhile, Warzone players have found the final zombies spawn location early. This could lead to the upcoming Destruction of Verdansk event.

Also, this forfeit message might become more common in Warzone unless Raven fixes the cheating problem soon. Warzone players demand a much-improved anti-cheat system.

Finally, was Warzone better before the Black Ops Cold War integration?

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