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Warzone Fans Want Foresight Removed From the Game

Only hours after Foresight was officially added to Warzone Buy Stations, fans already want it removed from the game completely.

Foresight is one of the most broken new additions to come to Warzone since the DMR 14. In case you hadn’t noticed the special killstreak is the most powerful piece of kit in the game, and it’s leading to some complaints.

In the past, Foresight has been a secret killstreak in Warzone that led to instant wins. Now, the tool is more readily-available than ever before.

Warzone Foresight Overpowered
(Source: Activision)

Despite the killstreak only being available as a rare drop in Warzone’s bunkers in the past, now any player can get hold of it. After all, Foresight is now available in Buy Stations alongside two other incredibly powerful killstreaks.

Buying Foresight for $20,000 seems like a lot to spend, but it’ll lead to a free win if you play your cards right. After all, the killstreak will reveal every future circle on the map.

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Foresight Is Overpowered in Warzone, Fans Want It Removed

According to more than a handful of players, Foresight is completely overpowered in Warzone and it should be removed.

Despite a $20,000 price point, this money is easily-attainable in a squad of 4 players, even after getting loadouts. From there, the powerful squad can simply camp the final circle in power positions, ensuring an easy victory.

Just take a look at this strategy from JoeDeLuca (AKA MerK on Twitter). The professional player simply camps out in a bush after popping Foresight, goes to the toilet, and then returns to eat a bowl of cereal.

And despite all this, the user still manages to get the easiest win in Warzone’s history.

Thankfully, Fire Sales do not decrease the cost of Foresight but the killstreak needs removing immediately, at least from Buy Stations. As it stands, many games will be encouraging users to race to the final locations of the battle royale, only to camp until the final circle.

And if you can use Warzone’s insane new Bombardment killstreak to your advantage, you’ll get more than a few easy kills.

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Many fans are calling for the removal of Foresight in Warzone already, and it’s causing some players to give up on the game entirely. After all, Warzone was already said to be unplayable in Season 2, even before the new update.

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Now, as missiles fly over Verdansk before the new Warzone map launches, players are giving up on the game completely.

A new trailer for the upcoming Warzone map reveals it’s just 1980s Verdansk coming next month. And that’s likely to not be enough to save the battle royale from its downhill spiral.

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