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Is Warzone’s New Flashguard or Eliminator Muzzle Better Than a Suppressor?

If you’re a regular Warzone player, you’ll know that running a Suppressor on your weapon is mandatory. But could the Flashguard or KGB/SOCOM Eliminator muzzle actually be better than Warzone’s Suppressor attachment?

Right now, it’s an interesting time to be a Warzone fan. We’ve got a new map to enjoy, a handful of brand-new weapons, and even a free new skin to unlock.

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Players are also loving the Season 3 Warzone meta, with all manner of weapons becoming viable. Thanks to some incredible Warzone Season 3 patch notes, we’re finally in a great place as far as balance goes.

And with battle royale fans finally getting the chance to experiment, an interesting thought is appearing? Is it finally time to replace the Suppressors in Warzone?

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Warzone: Flashguard vs Eliminator vs Suppressor

In a new change that’s going largely unnoticed, some Black Ops Cold War attachments are getting new changes – especially the Flashguard and Eliminator muzzles.

In his latest upload, TheXclusiveAce discusses some of these new properties, with an aim to find out if the Flashguard or KGB/SOCOM Eliminator muzzles are finally more viable than the Suppressors.

Now, the former muzzle attachments each come with the Position Concealment property. Like the Suppressor, this means that the muzzle attachments will prevent you from showing up on the Warzone minimap.

However, unlike the Suppressor, you will still appear as a red dot on the map while firing. Thankfully, Position Concealment will have the marking disappear incredibly quickly afterward, before most players have a chance to note your position.

What’s more, using the Flashguard or KGB/SOCOM Eliminator muzzles will also provide a boost to your recoil control. Taking a look at the spray pattern for the Flashguard or KGB Eliminator on the Cold War AK-47, we can see just how much of an impact each attachment has.

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Flashguard vs KGB Eliminator vs Suppressor AK-47 Warzone
(Source: TheXclusiveAce)

From the data, we can see that the Flashguard isn’t good at handling recoil control. However, the KGB Eliminator could be a big advantage over the standard Suppressor in your loadouts.

The GRU Suppressor Is Warzone’s Best Muzzle Attachment

But the GRU Suppressor still has these options beat, not only helping with recoil but offering additional bullet velocity. On top of that, it give you complete cover from appearing on the minimap.

It doesn’t quite help the recoil as much as the KGB Eliminator though. So when it comes to those hard-to-control guns like the Black Ops Cold War AK-47, you wouldn’t be going wrong by opting for the Eliminator over the Suppressor.

Of course, if you’re using a gun with no recoil like this insane Warzone Season 3 Kilo 6 loadout, it’s going to be a Suppressor every time.

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You can see all of TheXclusiveAce‘s findings and his overall verdict in the video below:

We also know that Warzone is getting ready to invest more resources in a proper anti-cheat at long last. But as we head into a strange new arena, be sure to adjust these Warzone settings to make sure your visibility is high.

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