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New Warzone Update Fixes Bugs With Agency Suppressor – March 3 Patch Notes

Raven Software has released a new game settings update for Warzone, bringing in some small bug fixes for the game.

Warzone has been a wasteland of bugs so far. They've been an immense problem for players almost since launch and have made the free-to-play battle royale borderline unplayable for some.

Players have begged Raven to heed their calls to fix the game. Many have gone directly to the software company in please to offer the game with some form of bug relief.

Warzone Raven Fixes Suppressor Bugs in Patch Notes
Call of Duty Warzone

Some players are able to force the game to make them invisible, giving them an unfair edge.

Plus, wall glitches have returned, causing huge stress for players.

The company have done all they can, and progress has been slow so far.

But, we're one step closer to eradicating the game's bugs once and for all. Another small settings update has been implemented into the game, remedying some minor issues with the game.

Warzone March 3 Update Patch Notes

A new Warzone bug fix update is rolling out, and its details have been laid out in a short blog post on Raven's website.

Most crucially for some, the software team have finally rolled back the changes they made to Warzone's suppressors.

Many fans were bothered by the way that suppressors worked in-game, especially after the roll-in of Black Ops Cold War content. The utility of suppressors has changed, and for many, not for the better.

Many Black Ops Cold War weapons simply weren't on par with Warzone weapons after they were heavily nerfed in season two, meaning there was no real use for them in-game.

Warzone Raven Fixes Suppressor Bugs in Patch Notes
Call of Duty Warzone

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Thankfully, they've changed back to their previous strengths as in season one. So now, they're up to snuff with Warzone weapons once again.

There was an issue concerning an operation mission for Baker, in which you have to eliminate 15 enemies with a weapon that has a 2x magnified scope attached to it.

The mission wasn't tracked properly, meaning players were detrimenting themselves without amassing the numbers to complete the challenge. Luckily this bug has seen a fix, and it now tracks correctly.

Various UI elements have also seen a change. This includes the likes of icons, store bundles, player level up, and more.

So hopefully, this Warzone bug fix update will ease out some visual glitches and problems with players leveling up. after all, there'd be nothing more frustrating than earning the XP you need to rank up without actually getting the bonus items that comes with it.

Warzone Raven Fixes Suppressor Bugs in Patch Notes
Call of Duty Warzone

And that's everything mentioned in the patch notes! It's a small update, but more of these more frequently could heavily benefit the game. There are so many bugs kicking about that a few more updates like this could really do with addressing.

It's not the biggest update to come to Warzone recently; the huge Season Two update brought an incredible mass of content to the game.

Plus, a new update could be coming soon; a leaker has suggested that season two reloaded could be on the way.

As for the new Outbreak mode, more problems are keeping players from enjoying the game. A "lost connection" issue is ruining many games for Outbreak fans.

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