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Warzone Fixes Hit Markers, Weapon XP, and More – February 12 Patch Notes

In a new February 12 patch for Warzone, Raven Software fixes a range of major issues, including the infamous hit markers glitch.

There’s a new Warzone update for users to download that fixes some of the battle royale’s most pressing issues. Fans of the game will want to get this downloaded immediately, as dropping into the Warzone is about to be a much less glitch-free experience.

Earlier today, we reported that a new update would be coming to fix some of Warzone’s biggest glitches. Now, it turns out that we were right in this regard, although not all problems are getting a fix just yet.

Warzone Plunder
(Source: Activision)

Raven Software still has more work cut out for it in the coming months, especially as Warzone is about to get a new Zombies mode.

Warzone February 12 Hotfix Update Patch Notes

According to a new tweet by Raven Software, Warzone’s February 12 update is bringing some major fixes.

The patch should now be live for all users, and the hotfix tackles Warzone’s annoying hit marker issue. Recently, fans realized that Warzone’s hit detection was completely broken, following a new update.

Now it looks like things should be back to how users remember them, with functional hit registration.

Warzone Patch
(Source: Activision)

And if that wasn’t enough, players will also be getting fixes to Weapon XP, which has been causing issues in Multiplayer. If your guns haven’t been leveling up the way they should, all should be well again with the new Warzone patch.

The full Warzone Patch Notes can be found below:

  • Fixed issue causing hit markers to not appear consistently
  • Fixed issue with weapon XP not awarding as intended in MW multiplayer
  • Updated Valentine’s weekend playlist names
  • Fixed issue with UI elements on the Loadout Menu

Recently, Call of Duty fans are expressing their desire for game fixes, rather than new content. We’re sure this latest patch will make a lot of fans very happy.

Right now, there’s still a broken sniper glitch in Warzone that allows users to hold their breath for a full minute. However, it doesn’t look like Raven Software is ready to address that issue just yet.

Instead, we’re getting teases of a new Warzone Easter egg bringing Nova 6 gas to Verdansk. Fans are already speculating that this could lead to the introduction of a new Warzone map, as Verdansk becomes uninhabitable.

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