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Warzone First Teaser of Godzilla Crossover Released

The first official teaser of Godzilla coming to Warzone seems to have arrived in some players’ inboxes, possibly confirming the crossover event.

Information has been building up regarding Godzilla’s landing in Warzone for the last few weeks, including his location.

There was also a slight tease from a video published by Activision which linked to the Godzilla universe, but nothing concrete has arrived yet.

That is, until today, where it seems that Godzilla is all but officially confirmed. Despite that, we’re pretty certain that Godzilla is coming to Warzone!

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Godzilla is Approaching Caldera in Warzone in First Teaser Images

Activision has sent out some images, which show Godzilla himself approaching the Caldera island in Warzone.

The subject of the e-mail had a simple Radar emoji and the only content in the e-mail was the images.

The image also includes a button at the bottom suggesting to “find answers”. However, this simply links to the Call of Duty Twitter page.

The top half of the image (on the left) shows Caldera, set ablaze in the midst of battle. The bottom half, found on the right, shows something swimming under the surface of the water.

Those who have watched Godzilla will know the shape is unmistakable. It seems the Kaiju certainly is arriving in Warzone.

However, another thing to note is the color scheme of the above images. The blue and orange hues are similar to that of the official poster of the Godzilla Vs Kong movie.

King Kong was also teased, strangely enough, in a trailer for Snoop Dogg. Check out the King Kong in Warzone teaser here!

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