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Warzone: How to Find and Secure Uplink Stations – Ground Fall Event

If you’re dropping into Warzone Season 4, be sure to take advantage of the new Uplink Stations for some major loot!

Call of Duty: Warzone is finally here and players were quick to notice new Uplink Stations dotted around the map. These new POIs are definitely worth your time, as they’ll lead you to some incredible loot in-game.

In case you haven’t already seen, the complete Season 4 patch notes for Warzone are here at last. And there are some big changes in the game as a whole.

Cold War Warzone Season 4
(Source: Activision)

You can even get a new Komodo Dragon pet in Warzone now, though you’ll have to splash some cash for it. And there are some brand-new features in Warzone for players to take advantage of too.

And there’s a new fast-travel system in Warzone right now! Here’s how the new Red Doors work in Warzone Season 4.

As part of Warzone’s new Ground Fall event, players are tasked with securing new Uplink Stations that are found across the map.

To find these new Uplink Station objectives, look for a suspicious new cube-like object when you’re dropping into Warzone. These Uplink Stations won’t appear on your map, and they seem to spawn at random around the battle royale.

Once you find one, stay in close proximity to the Uplink Station to secure it. A bar will fill up and alert you of your progress, meanwhile a radar dish will unfurl on the device itself.

Warzone Uplink Stations Secure Ground Fall Event
(Source: Tremundo)

When you’re done securing the Uplink Station, a satellite will come crashing down from the sky. The new Satellite Cache will appear in your UI and it’s just waiting to be claimed.

This high-tier loot can spawn as a number of different objects, such as a Loadout Drop Marker, or even a HARP. Simply go and collect your reward and watch out for enemy players!

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Judging by the new Warzone Season 4 trailer, we’re in for some major changes in this new update. But with a new WW2 Warzone map coming later this year, could we be seeing another map-destroying event soon?

But possibly even more exciting than that is Raven Software finally fixing the Roze skin in Warzone Season 4!

YouTuber Tremundo shows off the new Warzone Season 4 Uplink Station feature in the video below:

Despite yet another major Warzone update, we’re still no closer to the biggest change we want to see in the game. After all, Warzone cheaters are still out of control in June 2021.

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