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Warzone Finale Cutscene Teases Modern Warfare 2

The finale of the Warzone cinematic universe is here, and one last cutscene appears to tease the rumored upcoming Modern Warfare 2.

For those unaware, Call of Duty: Warzone does actually have something of a storyline. By completing regular Intel missions, players can experience an original Warzone story, which just aired its finale.

The end of the Warzone storyline involves the impending nuclear threat, the dispatching of Victor Zakhaev, and a tease for Modern Warfare 2.

Warzone’s The War Room Intel Guide

To get battle royale’s final cutscene, players must complete a series of Intel missions led, as ever, by Ghost. The missions traditionally involve dropping to specific pictured locations in the Warzone map and collecting Intel.

Warzone Finale Teases Modern Warfare 2
(Source: Activision)

Once all pieces of Intel are collected, the final cutscene will trigger. It’s here that players will see the last moments of the Modern Warfare storyline.

Some users believe that this was to be the start of Modern Warfare Season 7, something that ended up never happening due to the introduction of Cold War. Instead, it’s possible that this finale is leading up to a rumored Modern Warfare 2, set to drop next year.

This isn’t too far of a stretch, given that a Modern Warfare 2 leak suggests that the title will be coming soon. What’s more, Infinity Ward doesn’t have long to work on the game now that Sledgehammer Games is out of the picture.

It would make sense for the developer to heavily lean on their existing Modern Warfare assets when making the sequel.

The Warzone Finale Cutscene

The Warzone finale cutscene reveals one last assault of Victor Zakhaev, who is preparing to detonate the nuclear bomb under Verdansk. Players can actually find the nuke in Warzone, if they know where to look.

Captain Price arrives on the scene, downing the Russian Ultranationalist leader. Zakhaev informs Price that killing him won’t stop the war, to which the Captain responds by throwing the long-time Warzone enemy over the railing to his death.

Warzone Finale Cutscene
(Source: Activision)

Terminating the launch, Price regroups with his fellow Warzone Operators. It’s here that he gets a communication from none other than Soap MacTavish.

Soap was part of a recent massive Modern Warfare content leak, promising additional content coming to the game. A lot of fans are taking this tease as a reference to the upcoming rumored Modern Warfare 2.

The popular character informs Price that he’s “half a klick off the coast” and that things are starting to heat up. The Warzone Operators mobilize, leaping off the Verdansk dam and towards Soap’s location.

Whether Soap will be coming to Modern Warfare or saved for its sequel, we don’t yet know. The Operator is already in the game’s files, along with several new Modern Warfare guns.

But right now, the spotlight is heavily on Black Ops Cold War. With Season 1 recently dropping, many players are busy working out the best hiding spots for Prop Hunt in Cold War, rather than focussing on Soap MacTavish.

But whether you enjoy Warzone or Cold War, Call of Duty players can enjoy double XP this Christmastime.

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