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Warzone FFAR Nerf in New Update – Is it Still Overpowered?

The FFAR has gotten a nerf in the latest Warzone update. But is the gun still overpowered?

The FFAR is widely seen to be one of the best guns in Warzone at the moment, if not the best. Therefore, everyone has been using it.

However, the latest Warzone update has come with a nerf to the FFAR. Is the nerf enough or will everyone still be using the FFAR as their close-range weapon of choice?

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Is the FFAR Meta Over?

The FFAR has long been the best close to mid-range gun in the game. It is the most-used gun in Warzone at the moment and players have been asking for an FFAR nerf for ages now.

Players have also been frustrated because the FFAR has contributed to the time to kill in Warzone becoming twice as quick as it was at launch.

While the Season 2 Reloaded update brought a stealth nerf to the FFAR, it wasn’t enough to stop it from being the meta weapon in Warzone

Check out the patch notes for the April 6 Warzone update to see exactly what the FFAR nerf was. But how big was the FFAR nerf?

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FFAR Warzone

Warzone FFAR Nerf

The FFAR nerf has slowed down the aim down sight speed of the gun by around 100ms depending on the loadout. This is pretty significant, however, the ridiculous damage has been left the same.

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While this means that SMGs will now ADS much quicker than the FFAR, this change won’t stop it from dominating from close to mid range. The FFAR still has a quicker TTK than any SMG and is still effective up to mid range too.

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Therefore, many players will probably be disappointed with this nerf, as very little has changed to stop the FFAR from being by far the best close-range option in the game.

However, players who want to try another weapon should check out the best gun in Warzone after the FFAR nerf.

Meanwhile, the leaked Ural Mountains Warzone map might not be releasing any time soon. This will surely disappoint many fans.

Also, the FFAR nerf is a huge change that Warzone players wanted. However, this tiny change won’t do anything to stop the FIXWZ clan tag movement.

Finally, this leak suggests that Warzone could be getting loads of new vehicles soon.

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