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Warzone FFAR Stealth Nerf in Season 2 Reloaded – Attachments Changed

According to Warzone gun tester JGOD, the FFAR has gotten a stealth nerf in the Season 2 Reloaded update.

The FFAR has been the most powerful weapon in Warzone for what seems like ages now.

It kills faster up close, yet it also has much better range than any SMG in the game, making a whole weapon class basically pointless.

Players were initially disappointed to see that the FFAR remained untouched, according to the full patch notes for Warzone’s Season 2 Reloaded update. However, JGOD has found that the FFAR has in fact been stealth nerfed as part of the update.

Warzone FFAR Stealth Nerf

NICKMERCS previously predicted an FFAR nerf, but not like this. Unfortunately, it still has a ridiculous damage profile, according to JGOD.

However, a couple of the FFAR’s most popular attachments have been nerfed significantly. This certainly makes the gun weaker and means that players should change up their FFAR loadout.

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50 Round Fast Mag Nerf

All of the best FFAR loadouts for Warzone have this magazine. This is because it is the largest one available, increased your reload time, and didn’t even reduce your ADS speed. However, JGOD has found that the new Warzone update includes a hidden nerf to this FFAR attachment.

The 50 Round Fast Mag now increases the ADS speed of the FFAR by a whopping 50ms, which makes this magazine not viable for the gun any more. JGOD suggests that players use the standard 50 Round mag instead, however, this doesn’t come with the increased reload speed.

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20.3″ Takedown Barrel

The 20.3″ Takedown was one of the most popular barrels for the FFAR after the buff to the Agency Suppressor. This is because it increased bullet velocity and strafe speed.

However, the update has changed the barrel so that it only increases damage range instead. This, again, doesn’t make the gun unusable, but it does limit how mobile it is, as well as how accurate it is at mid-range.

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