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Warzone Fear Mechanic Is Broken, Encourages Camping

Right now, Warzone players are struggling to enjoy the Ghosts of Verdansk game mode due to a broken Fear mechanic encouraging camping.

When it was first revealed that Warzone was getting another Halloween event, fans were excited. After all, last year’s Haunting of Verdansk was one of the best updates ever to come to the battle royale.

Unfortunately, this time around it seems Raven Software hasn’t done quite as well. And while it’s fun to see Scream’s Ghostface arrive in Warzone, the new Ghosts of Verdansk mode isn’t as impressive as we’d like.

Warzone Ghosts of Verdansk

Yesterday, Raven Software revealed the new Fear mechanic coming to Warzone this Halloween. But it seems the system could already use some tweaks.

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Warzone Halloween Event Hallucinations and Jumpscares Are Too Long

Like last time, Warzone has new jumpscares to deal with this Halloween. But this time around, the frights take a little too much time.

Last year we saw Warzone’s jumpscares kill players in-game, which was fun to witness and less fun to experience. This time however, we’re getting more than a quick flashing spook.

In Ghosts of Verdansk, players will need to keep their Fear levels low to stand a chance at winning. After all, getting too scared results in horrible hallucinations taking over your whole screen.

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Warzone Halloween Event Hallucinations and Jumpscares Are Too Long

Players can witness ghosts, insects, and even their entire game blue-screening in the hallucinations. Some of these random events can take almost 5 seconds to fully clear off, while completely obstructing your vision.

Get a hallucination in the final circle and you’re almost certainly dead. But keeping your Fear level down in Ghosts of Verdansk is impossible.

Ghosts of Verdansk’s Fear Mechanic Encourages Camping

One of the only ways to lower your Fear level in Warzone is to stay in the Sacred Ground areas around the map. However, even hiding in these areas only very slowly reduces your overall Fear level, meaning that you’ll need to camp out for a long time.

It’s weird to see Ghosts of Verdansk punish camping in-game and then make it necessary to survive in the same mode.

And this overpowered weapon is ruining Ghosts of Verdansk too, with one-shot-kills on incoming Ghosts.

ghosts of verdansk game mode
(Source: Activision)

Last year, players wanted Zombie Royale to stay forever, but we doubt they feel the same this time around…

But playing the new mode is the best way to unlock the LAPA in Warzone & Cold War! Make sure to take advantage while you still can.

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